Supply household appliances/microwave oven/oven/heater/blender SD-83-650 Taiwan AC Synchronous Motor

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Product Description

SD-83 is round motor of two side fixing hole. The rotation speed is 0.8 to 60 RPM, positive rotation, reverse rotation and two-way rotation. It use to the slowly action product of long time and high torque.
Product Feature
Exterior Material:steel plate: from Japan Mitsubishi zincification;gear:metallic copper/steel plate (switch gear:steel plate from Japan Sumitomo/fibre glass of plastics/DuPont plastics);magnet material:magnet powder from America.
Product Specification / Models

Rated Voltage: 12, 24, 100, 110 ~ 120, 200 ~ 240VAC

Power Frequency: 50/60Hz

Input Power: 4 W

Number of Poles: 12 P Rotor Speed: 500 ~ 600 RPM

Spindle Speed: 0.47 ~ 60 RPM

Start Torque: 500 gm-cm ~ 20Kg-cm

(5Kg-cm at 5RPM)

Spindle Rotation Direction: CW, CCW, Free.

Operating Temperature: -10 ~ 60temperature degree

Insulation Strength: AC 1500V - 1 Min

Insulation Class: A, B Class

Lead Wiring: 1007 / 1015 X AWG # 22 X 200 mm
Application / Models

Household electrical appliances / box fans / air-conditioning / cooling fan / heating machine / microwave / oven / a plastic machine/ stage lights / Christmas tree Wheel / automatic controller /jewelry toy
Shenzhen Songgang Technology Co., one branch of Songgang international group company,it’s headquarters is in Hongkong.It’s a company that specially produces all kinds of motor and has factory in Taiwan and inland China,producing different kinds of motor.

As the unique professional manufacturer producing synchronous motor of metal gear, Taiwan manufacturer serves manufacturers at home and abroad with the best service and superior quality and performance.The company (in mainland China)have the power of import and export,and provide the most suitable motor and the relevant technology,which makes our products sold to more than 30 countries.

Taiwan manufacturer of our company have not only acquired the approval of ISO9002 international quality system certification, but also passed through UL the United States quality certification,CE /EMC the European Quality certification and RoHs environmental protection certification.

Our company produce synchronous motor,two-way synchronous motor,hysteresis motor(HTS),powder metallurgy gear,brushless DC motor,planetary gear motor,the push rod motor, Dc motor and Dc gear motor. Our company not only have high self-making ratio products,but also keep improving high quality production management of equipments,which makes our company have more speedy and flexible service.

In order to meet the customers’ product needs of diversified development, Our company as an agent,also import Mabuchi motor from Japan. Our products can be delivered to customers form our warehouses,and also from HongKong,mainland China.

Our company will continue to uphold the spirit of seeking for greater perfection and innovation in the future, and will be committed to create a new era of synchronous motor.

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