TCK-DT Series Elevator Wire Rope Testers

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Product Description
□tSimultaneously inspect multiple wire ropes of elevators

□tQuantitatively detect all types of internal and external flaws

□tCorrectly evaluate residual bearing capacity and service life

Introduction of TCK-DT Series Elevator Wire Rope Testers

Wire rope is an important, but high-risk component of elevator equipment as it directly concerns the safety of passenger life and property. For a long time, due to the lack of reliable inspection instruments, wire rope safety has always been a u201cblind spotu201d of elevator safety management and even the u201chidden dangeru201d for passengersu2019 life.

TCK elevator wire rope tester adopts the worldu2019s leading and proven weak magnetism inspection technology. It is capable to inspect multiple ropes at the same time, and solve effectively the problems concerning elevator wire rope inspection. It could detect quantitatively all types of flaws such as broken wires, corrosion, abrasion and fatigue of multiple ropes simultaneously. The testing data is presented in a detailed and easy to understand numerical report, with clear conclusion regarding the safety status of the inspected wire ropes.

TCK Elevator Wire Rope Tester has achieved the perfect combination of innovative technology, practicability and miniaturization. With a PC, testing data is displayed in real time and the testing result is not affected by the speed and load of the target elevator. It is easy to operate and has been recognized by users as the most advanced NDT equipment for elevator wire rope inspection worldwide.

Product Feature
2.tTechnical Parameters of TCK-DT Series Elevator Wire Rope Testers

1)tInspection technology:weak magnetism inspection technology

2)tInspection sensitivity:5V/G; Sensitivity modulation value,A = 2.6 V/G

3)tOperation magnetic field strength:< 20 mT

4)tRope Diameters:8-18 mm

5)tNumber of ropes: 1-6 ropes in a single row;Unlimited number of ropes for customized models

6)tDistance differentiation rate:0.002 m

7)tRope speed:Vmax = 30 m/sec; Operation rope speed control range: V = 0.2-13 m/sec; Safety rope speed:V < 2m/s. Inspection accuracy not affected by rope speed

8)tInspection accuracy:Pmax < 0.05%

9)tActual inspection uncertainty rate for LMA:P < 0.5%

10)tAxial position value accuracy degree: 5Xl0-4M; Inspection rope length collating error:C < l0 mm/100 m

11)tReal-time detectability and accuracy:

a)tFor minor defects: detectability > 85%; Evaluating accuracy > 90%

b)tFor normal defects: detectability >95%; Evaluating accuracy> 90%

c)tFor dangerous defects: detectability=100%; Evaluating accuracy > 95%

d)tFor limiting defects: detectability=100%; Evaluating accuracy>95%

12)tTotal weight of testing head: ≤ 2.93 KG

13)tDimension (Length, Width, and Height): 252 u00d7125 u00d7 207 mm

14)tWorking temperature:-30℃~+55℃

15)tTesting Head Operation Relative Humidity: ≤95%RH

Product Specification / Models
3.tTCK Elevator Wire Rope Testers and Elevators u201cMatching Tableu201d


Rope Diametert4 mmt5 mmt6 mmt7 mmt8 mmt9 mmtNumber of Ropes

8 mmt-t-t-tDT16tDT16tDT18tFrom 1 to 6 ropes

9 mmt-t-tDT16tDT16tDT18tDT18t

10 mmt-tDT16tDT16tDT18tDT18tDT20t

11 mmtDT16tDT16tDT18tDT18tDT20tDT20t

12 mmtDT16tDT18tDT18tDT20tDT20tDT22t

13 mmtDT18tDT18tDT20tDT20tDT22tDT22t

14 mmtDT18tDT20tDT20tDT22tDT22t-t

15 mmtDT20tDT20tDT22tDT22t-t-t

16 mmtDT20tDT22tDT22t-t-t-t

Application / Models
test internal/external flaws of ELEVATOR wire ropes, such as wire breakage, abrasion, corrosion, fatigue, etc.
TCK Wire Rope Inspection Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech Company in researching, manufacturing, spreading and serving non-destructive inspection instruments for ferromagnetic materials. TCK have the most advanced "weak magnetic" core technology.

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