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The machine production process is as follows: the bottle through the chain transmission to the triad filling machine. Tuming machine back wheel is equipped with bottles clamp, clamp of bottle bottle along a guide rail turn 180 u00b0, the bottle mouth downward into the bottle machine. On a particular area of the bottle machine, special nozzle flush bottle of water, to wash the bottle inside. The bottle after rinse, drain in bottle clamp clamping down along the guide rail and then turn 180 u00b0, the bottle up. After wash the bottle bottles in dial the bottle of star wheel by punching machine export and sent to the filling machine. Into the filling machine by the bottleneck board live keep bottle, bottle by elevator mechanism under the effect of CAM fall and rise. Using gravity filling way, filling bottle open up filling valve complete filling process. After the filling bottle fell out filling valve. Bottle, through the card bottleneck transition to dial into the capping machine, capping machine compatible side TAB and TAB on two kinds of bottle cap. Finished product bottle through a bottle thumbwheel from screw cap machine transferred to the bottle on the conveyor chain, a bottle of installed by the conveyor chain transfer out of the triad. The machine equipment adopts closed, sealing window height above the highest point equipment, into and out of the bottle have proper channel, seal at the bottom of the window with exhaust slot.
Product Feature

1, the bottle washing machine

1) the machine adopt flexible manipulator catch bottle, bottle, salt bottle, bottle, flip reset and out of the bottle, realized the automatic production. Open manipulator, symmetry, diameter of different flow in and out of the bottle. In and out of the bottle made of CNC machining center guide screw and the star wheel, will the accurate import into bottle guide rail, solved the squeeze bottle, bottle, plugging bottles, broken bottles.

2) clamp bottle flip flush valve type bottle principle of high efficiency and flushing effect is stable and reliable. Continuous tracking bottle, high efficiency, wash effect is good.

3) the introduction of advanced foreign technology developed by reverse manipulator can grasp bottle positioning accurately, flip the ease; Product with middle plunger guide shaft lip seal, sealed performance is good, service life is long, system use a bottle of blunt bottle of neutral must wait for an advantage.

4) tuming machine manipulator by stamping, precision casting technology, the use of gb 304 stainless steel material, straight teeth gear transition between clamping form, make the clip bottles, bottle and put the bottle stable freely, make equipment realize high speed, high quality and efficient. Guide rail sliding block, small gear, oil roller is made of high quality nylon material, wear-resisting, practical, and materials to ensure purity, long service life of parts. Materials are not affected by changes in temperature, deformation coefficient, 0 degrees to 110 degrees within the scope of small shrinkage ratio, and equipment to meet the demand of the motion smoothly.

5) in and out of the bottle adopts CNC engraving center processing guide screw and dial, is on select material, wear-resisting compressive strength; The accurate import into bottle guide rail, solved the squeeze bottle, bottle, bottles, broken bottles of problem.

6) need to turn the lifting screw and replace the corresponding bottle diameter dial, can change the different bottle diameter, high bottle bottle (please provide the corresponding bottle diameter size).

7) among tuming machine principle, using cylindrical tube water valve water quality ptfe with each product of cohesion, ensure the water in the process of high speed rotating freely, water flowing.

8) into the bottle to squeeze bottle, lift limit position, dial wheel device, in areas such as the main motor startup, equipped with limit trip protection switch, card bottles of automatic stop alarm.

2, filling machine,

Rotating disks are all made of stainless steel SUS304.

Filling method for gravity filling. Filling valve with 304. Filling valve structure design is reasonable, the filling quantity is accurate. Filling process bottle valve does not move, bottleneck holds the card bottle, by lifting mechanism under the effect of CAM down and up. Cylinder liquid level control method for floating ball control. Filling move by the rack drive system through gear transmission. In washing, filling and capping connection dial wheel, sealing ring card bottle conveying method.

3, screw cap machine

Through the reducer drive back wheel rotation. Make the cover under the action of centrifugal force from leaving the hopper. Separation plant cover, positive and negative at the exit when the cover after cover automatically fell into the return piping, only is cover can smoothly into the chute, to ensure the best results. When is built into the chute feed can smoothly enter the cover plate, screw cap for magnetic screw cap, has the overload protection function, and screw cap torque is stable and reliable, with functions of automatic and reversing. Block on cover, high cover, tilt, edge phenomenon.

4, a bottle of star wheel

Nylon dial wheel, conveyor chain synergy out of the bottle.

The card bottles of protection device.

5 out of the bottle conveyor chain

Drive motor adopts frequency control of motor speed, and bottles of installed in sync, can effectively prevent overturned bottle.

Out of the bottle on the conveyor chain is equipp
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Zhangjiagang beauty of beverage machinery co., LTD., since its inception, the company has been committed to the dairy products, beverages engineering, spice engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, food engineering, biological and chemical engineering to provide overall after packaging engineering solutions, the company set research and development, manufacturing, sales as one.
Under the long-term accumulation of mechanical design and manufacturing experience, now we have hundreds of mature and stable packaging machinery, research and development center at the same time also in, according to market demand to develop new packaging machinery equipment covers unloading tank (bottle) machine series, the series of water treatment; Filling machine series. Set of marking, labeling, packing machine series, carbon series, conveying air conveying system, etc. Our equipment is suitable for all kinds of cans (bottle) type of beverage, dairy products, pure water, condiments, wine, oil, cosmetics and other related industries, after years of efforts, has successively with the Beijing spirit erguotou, mengniu group, cofco Great Wall wine, American dairy, deer group, profit and garden drinks, XinYu drinks, abundant source of drinks, freezing point of water, drink, in sichuan billions group, chongqing tree shakily, royalstar group, wondersun group, chongqing light energy drinks, henan Ming pharmaceutical, henan liuhe hall pharmaceutical and other domestic famous enterprises have cooperation, and won the outstanding supplier of word of mouth and title.
The company AD hoc technical institute, continuously research and development company with concentration of packaging machinery, with high cost performance, high stability, seize market. The company has advanced processing equipment CNC CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, planer, the grinding machine. The company produced all kinds of machinery, regardless of the speed and accuracy are ahead of other brands, excellent quality, advanced technology, have a good reputation, product marketing throughout the country.
Our company to enter the industry market, has been excellent quality to return customers, electrical accessories used are all imported quality brands such as: the French schneider, Germany's Siemens, Japan mitsubishi, Japan yaskawa, Japan panasonic, omron, Germany, the world famous enterprises, the use of for the customer provides the first-class protection.
2012 beauty of beverage machinery in order to build the perfect drink in China market, we set up an office in the Inner Mongolia baotou, wuhan office, xi 'an office, yunnan office, office of jiangxi, henan office, guangdong office, common development, joint venture, consolidate the market, meet the needs of customers. In the industry have absolute technical advantages and product independent authority characteristics, in users enjoy high reputation and prestige.
Increasingly mature products fully automatic filling machine, won the customer high praise, the product throughout the beer, wine, health wine, wine, spices, daily necessities, such as market, from the standard bottle to the alien bottle, have excellent performance. To meet the different requirements of customers. Product coverage throughout the country and exported to southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, and obtained the customer high praise. Companies adhering to the sustainable services, the pursuit to the management idea, with a unique mechanical design and accumulated many years of control essence made a most competitive automation equipment.

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