The Low-temperature Cashmere Detergent (RC)

Inner Mongolia, China
Minimum Order
210kg/plastic barrel
cash on delivery
Product Description
1. Appearance: colorless transparent liquid

2. Smell: the smell of surfactants

3. Main ingredients: various nonionic surfactants, the accelerant and the water softener

4. Ionic type: nonionic

5. Effective content: greater than or equal to 50%

6. pH value: 7.5~8.5

7. Water solubility: it is soluble in cold or hot water.

8. Carried standard: Q/NRH 01-2012

Product Feature
1. The product integrates dissolution, emulsification, permeation, defoaming, washing with water softening and solubilization, which contributes to its excellent washing effect.

2. The product can do cashmere washing in a water temperature lower than 30 centigrade, so it has excellent protection to fibers; both hand feel and bulkiness of the cleaned cashmere can be notably improved. It can also reduce at least 2 millimeters' length damage in comparison with that of ordinary techniques.

3. The product itself will suffice in raw cashmere washing as it can not only simplify the traditional techniques but also achieve the addition of the detergent through a funnel. In this way, its various indexes related to the cleaned cashmere can be almost equal, which is beneficial to the subsequent processes and the promotion of cashmere's productivity.

4. Green benefits

a) The product excludes both APEO and phosphorus and it has fine biodegradation rate. It is harmless to both human body and natural environment, so it is environment friendly and healthy detergent.

b) The product has overcome the contradiction between its effect and cost in terms of low-temperature washing.

c) The product can reduce its release of carbon dioxide during the application.

5. Compatibility: it is fine to integrate into auxiliaries of any ionic type.

Product Specification / Models
210kg/plastic barrel
Application / Models
It is applicable in the washings of special animal fibers such as cashmere, camel's hair, mink cashmere, yakwool, cony hair and mohair etc.
Other Information
The sealed storage period of the product is between 24 and 30 months in natural environment below 35 centigrade. When it is above 35 centigrade, there occurs the layering of the accelerant, however it does not have any ill impact on the washing and an even blending will suffice during its application. The product is not a prohibited article in terms of fire prevention, thereby it does not have any ill impact on the transportation.

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