UV flatbed printer RT2513G-UV

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Product Description
LED UV Flatbed Printer Max printing resolution 1440dpi, no plate making and no MOQ, but high print speed, low cost, and it also can make for mass production. It can print all kinds of rigid boards.
Product Feature
RT2513G-UV is Refretonic latest developed UV flatbed printer. With 2.5 m*1.3 m print size, it's powerful as expected by using 2+1 Ricoh GEN5 Print heads. All parts of it are of world class with delicate design! Print speed can reach as high as 45sqm/h and its output present attractive resolution like professional photograph!

RT2513G-UV adopt more energy-efficient LED UV curing method. It can print without pre-heat and you can start and stop printing work anytime during printing. Moreover, ink used is environmental, no smell, immediate curing and hard to fade. LED UV Flatbed Printer adopt vacuum suction design to avoid wrinkles of media edge, easy to operate without any post processing. It can print all color at once and printing effect is perfect ! Under the help of this machine, you can achieve lower cost and higher return with the same effort!

Product Specification / Models

Media Fixed FormtFour-section suction and hard anodizing platform. The high accuracy of platform surface is within 0.30 mm.

Print Sizet2.68x1.22m

Type of print headstRICOH GEN5

Number of print headt3-8

Media thicknesstwithin120mm

Ink tImported UV ink

Color tC,M ,Y ,K,Lc,Lm,W

Motor type on X axistJapan Fuji servo motor ( 750W)

Motor type on Y axis

(double servo motors)tJapan Fuji servo motor (400W/PCS)

(double servo motors)

Servo controller on X axistJapan Fuji servo driver

Servo controller on Y axis

(double servo drivers)tJapan Fuji servo driver

(double servo drivers)

Lead screw(double)tTaiwan Yintai(40 guide rail)

X guide rail (double rails)tJapan THK Rail

Carriage up-down railtTaiwan HIWIN Rail

Carriage lifting motortLeadshine double extension shafts stepper motor

Platform air suction fan

(double suction fans)tTaiwan Shenghong(with pressure-relieving valve & silencer)

Belt in X axistItaly Magadyne belt

Control valve of UV lights shuttertJapan Koganei

Solid-state relay for UV lights power control tShanghai Fushen

UV light pipe tOriginal light pipe from the UK

Main ink bottlest2.5 L (with liquid level alarm system)

Main FilterstCobetter (5.0um)

Negative pressure control system

(double control systems)tCircuit board integrated control

(double control systems)

Negative pressure meter

(double)tJapan Panasonic

Photoelectric sensors on X & Y axis tJapan Omron

Drag chaintGerman Igus chain

RIP software tPHOTO PRINT DX 11.0 PLUS

Application / Models
The applications of UV flatbed printer

The work efficiency and printing quality of UV flatbed printer are very high. It can print all kinds of flat and rigid media such as glass, floor tile, ceiling, ceramic, organic glass, acrylic, polypropylene hollow sheet, corrugated paper, wood board, aluminum-plastic board, aluminum, doors, PS board, PVC board, PP board, ABS board, fire-resistant board, foam board, PVC foam board, Chevron board, ceramic tile and flexible media such as: cloth, leather, wallpaper, reflective film, canvas, carpet, PVC cloth, etc. This production process can print whatever you want with fast speed and high resolution!

Industry Application Of LED UV Flatbed Printer

LED UV Flatbed Printer can be used for various industries such as, Home and Office Decoration, Electric Appliances Shell, Wall Decoration, Furniture, Pottery and Porcelain Tile, Gift, 3C Product, Oil Painting and Fresco, Sliding Door and Wood Door, Wedding Photography, Mark and Signs, Exhibition.

Other Information
our machines are stable and reliable. We can offer you high quality products plus good after-sale service.

our engineer overseas machinery service is available.We sincerely for global distributors and business partners,

contact me, let's talk details! (Whatsapp: +8613671786046 Skype: wimers.chu)

"Refretonic "is a brand under Shanghai Hexuan Industry Co., Ltd. It was founded in March, 2013. It’s a digital printing equipment manufacture company with a collection of Research & Development, production, sales and service into one.

The core team from Refretonic has over twenty years of international and domestic sales experience in this field. The team deeply understand customers’ problems in regards of using the products. We also firmly believe only reliable products and timely service can help customers to create value easily.

Refretonic face middle-to-high end market and customers who pay not only on price but more on quality.

Refretonic’s core product value is “Redefine high class printing”. We will gather all resources that we have in order to fulfill this core product value.

Regarding printing quality and speed, Refretonic focuses on high class picture output;
Regarding personal design, Refretonic focuses on unattended plot; Regarding stability, Refretonic focuses on reliability, reliability and more reliability.

Our target is that every Refretonic’s customer can gain two to three times(or even more) return on investment more than the regular industry provider.

Based on the fact that there are a lot of pros and cons on Chinese manufactured printing equipments and uneven output quality, and the situation that profits are declining for traditional advertisement industry, our core team has launched Refretonic products after years of preparation and effort. These products come with new models and new brand images. In addition, they have obvious product and service advantages. This will allow the distributors and product users to feel a brand new printing experience.

Refretonic’s goal is to establish a comprehensive global distribution system. In China, there are already more than 30 dealers and more than 20 secondary distributors selling Refretonic products. In addition, Refretonic’s goal is to establish global market. We are very confident that we will be able to win the acknowledgement on the global platform.

Currently, Refretonic has four categories of products:

?Ricoh GEN5 print heads Series Industrial Inkjet Printer:
Highly efficient and stable, achieves 50 meters long printing precise stitching;
?Epson Print head series (DX5 or DX7) Eco Solvent Inkjet Printer:
1.8 m or 3.2 m print width for choice. Double print heads with high speed printing, the perfect alternative to similar products in Japan;
?Roll to Roll and Flat Bed UV series printer:
Equipped with Ricoh GEN5 print heads. Industrial standards and design requirements for users;
? Industrial-grade Digital Textile Printer:
One is digital sublimation printer, the other is digital belt system textile printer.
Perfect choice for printing different fabrics, such as polyester, cotton, silk, flax, etc.
China’s leading technology for textile printing.

Refretonic will be dedicated to provide high quality printing machines for customers all around the world.

Refretonic will also make every effort to build a brand new win-win industrial model that will be rooted in China and marching towards the world!

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