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Product Description
UV LED Portable Sterilizer Wand adopts imported 275nm UV leds as sterilization light source. With the features of stable performance, strong radiation, long service life, etc.

For the short wavelengths and high energy of this UVC band ultraviolet ray, it can destroy microbes body (such as bacteria, virus, spores pathogens) DNA or RNA in the cells within a short time (3s). The molecular structure of the cell can not regenerate, and bacteria lose ability to replicate. Sterilizationu00a0rateu00a0can reach up tou00a099.9%.
Product Feature
(1) 4pcs 275nm high power UV LED. Efficiency, environmental protection, safety and long service life.

(2)Ultraviolet belongs to the physical sterilization. No additional disinfection by-products, non-toxic, no residue, no peculiar smell, not secondary pollution ofu00a0theu00a0environment.

(3)Killing all sorts of bacteria, viruses, parasites and other pathogens directly.

(4)Intuitive microcomputer LCD screen display.

(5)Humaneu00a0safetyu00a0design, avoid the wrong opening and the irradiation of eyes and skin in regular use.

(6)Small volume, low power consumption, simple operation, and be with 4 section 7 # AAA batteries.

(7)working life of the sterilizer is over 8,000 hours.
Product Specification / Models
(1)Input Voltage:6V

(2)Power Dissipation:0.5W

(3)Total Length:194cm

(4)Net Weight:154g
Application / Models
The product is widely used on the surface sterilization of table, tableware, computers, digital products, clothing, bedding, sofa, kitchen supplies, and other surface sterilization. It's convenient and efficient to disinfect.
Other Information

(1) Put theu00a04 7#AAA batteriesu00a0in according to the mark of battery cover, and Close the battery cover;

(2) Press down and slide the switch gently and the sterilization module will be pop-up partially; Pull out the module until hear the click sound;

(3) Long press ON/OFF key 2 seconds, and the Liquidu00a0Crystalu00a0Displayu00a0will be bright. At the same time, UV LED will be bright also and starts to sterilize;

(4) Time setting: first touch-hold the TIME key 2 seconds in power-on state, and the display starts to flicker. Second press the TIME key lightly, and the time will be jumped to 1 minute. It will beu00a0appeared separately 1 minute, 5 minute, 10 minute in every pushing; Press the ON/OFF key after you select the time and it starts to work;

(5) After sterilization, close the disinfection module; please be careful the fragile transparent quartz glass;

(6) For Maximum bactericidal effect, please make quartz plate close to the position of sterilization object as far as possible when it is working
HCEN Group is located in the east bank of the Pearl River Delta and near Hong Kong.

HCEN brand is registered in October 17, 2014, with registered capital is 200 million China Yuan.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, HCEN sets up branches in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. We have global marketing and technical support teams in Munich Germany, Bangkok Thailand and Malaysia .HCEN group own well-experienced UV LED sales team.

Based in Shenzhen, focused on UV LED technology, HCEN concentrates on UV LED manufacture , marketing and UV application solution R&D. Currently HCEN successfully develops surface sterilizer ,air disinfection led module and UV led water sterilizers, including home drinking water small flow rate UV led sterilizer, 8LPM UV LED water sterilizer compatible with traditional water purification system and 15 to 25 LPM big water flow rate UV sterilizer for replacement of UV mercury lamp sterilizer.

As an international new technology promoter, HCEN is equipped with professional and effective UV LED R&D team and solution support team. We think highly of accumulation of high-end talents.

HCEN hires UV LED PKG and solution experts with related experience from fortune 500 enterprises world-wide.

HCEN invests 10% to 20% of sales volume as research fee every year to promote the R&D of deep UV LED water sterilizer, air and surface sterilization products.

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