V-Shine - Skin care, Skin with troubles

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Product Description
- Product components: (80g * 6)/ set

- Purposes: all types of skin

- Effects: it helps improve or relieve skin with troubles caused by various causative organisms and bodily waste, and control the balance of nutrition in the skin through fermented natural materials. Therefore, it always maintains the skin clear and tender.
Product Feature
Major materials: unpolished rice, peppermint scent

- Unpolished rice powder: even a small amount of unpolished rice powder with its living embryo bud of rice has abundant nutrition essential for the skin. Unpolished rice has an excellent anti-oxidant activity effect, and its high amount of gamma orizanol and abundant vitamin B1 and E are also good for detoxification and skin care. Moreover, it is known that octacosa has effects of skin renewal and whitening.

- Peppermint scent: peppermint scent helps promote mental stability, and ease insomnia and headache, and also enhance anti-bacterial effects and heal respiratory diseases.

We all know that the most important thing for human in this era is a healthy life and the clean environment. The clean environment is one of essential conditions to keep our health. In other words, all matters we eat and use are from our nature. Accordingly, I think the task preserving environment and keeping it clean is a responsibility each individual, company and our nation should take together.
We manufacturing our products based on all these ideas. Our four core principles are only producing, first, clean products without polluting nature and environment, second, safe products everyone can use without any troubles, third, effective products giving people improvement after its application, and lastly, we don't use materials applied with agricultural chemicals or come from contaminated places. Through this process, our finished products have been used for helping heal various troubles mainly caused by application of polluted components and wrong-manufactured care goods. Nexoap will be one of leading companies manufacturing environmentally-friendly products putting our health first and considering our nature.
Thank you.

Nexoap has manufactured and specialized in natural soaps since its foundation in 2003. Our principle is a “company putting environment and health first.” Natural materials used for the products are selected only from clean places by excluding materials applied with agricultural chemicals or from contaminated areas. The selected materials are made into products by going through aging and fermentation process, and some oriental medicine-producing components selected based on over 100-year oriental medicinal experiences are finally manufactured into multi-functional natural fermented soaps through the perfect fermentation process.
The natural fermented soap enhances fine functional parts of natural materials and helps provide it to end-users. Nexoap has fine and delicate washing and anti-bacteria abilities, which helps remove bodily waste and causative organism. Based on these effects, Nexoap has been used safely and fruitfully to cure various troubles caused by environmental pollutants and wrong-used care goods, and also received astonishing responses. It will make the soap as a pillar developed as a remedial agent in the near future.


Feb. 2015 – made a contract with T-mall of the Alibaba Group (Korean luxury goods stores entered)

Dec. 2014 – signed an OEM deal with global network (Joongmai – the top position in China) (exporting to 35 countries)

Feb. 2012 – signed an OEM deal with global network (Winalite)

2007 – entered Shinsegae, Hyundai and Lotte Department Stores (sold at 58 stores across the nation)

2006 – supplied Nexoap White to the national teams for the World Cup free of charge, released a package for a specialty store

2006 – released two kinds of Nexoap Baby (one for baby and sensitive skin, and the other for baby exclusive)

2006 - released Nexoap White (ungraded product of Prime)

2005 – released Nexoap Atofree (for dry and atopic skin) and Nexoap Aczero (for oily skin with pimples)

2004 – supplied for special sale, released a new product of Nexoap Prime (for skin care

Oct. 2003 – established Nexoap

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