V2O5 99.5% min. powder

Minimum Order
2 MTs
Third party
25kg or 50 kg iron drum
16 days
L/C or T/T etc.
Product Description
Uses For Vanadium Pentoxide:

In ceramic industry.

In the production of ferrovanadium.

In the commercial manufacture of sulphuric acid.

As a catalyst in many chemical manufacturing processes.

As a detector material in thermal imaging equipment.

In the production of vanadium redox batteries.

In the synthesis of both maleic and phthalic anhydrides.
Product Feature
CAS No: 1314u201362u20131

EINECS No: 215u2013239u20138

Formula: V2O5

Molar mass: 181.88 g/mol

Assay: >99.5%

Physical state: orange/yellow powder

Specific gravity: 3.35 g/cm3

Melting Point: 690 oC

Boiling Point: 1750 oC decomposes

Solubility: 0.08 g/100 mL (20 oC)
Product Specification / Models
V2O5 99.5% min. powder
Application / Models
Vanadium pentoxide is used in the industries of enamelling, electrics and electronics, metallurgy, glass, catalysts, petrochemistry, and paint, and ceramics. It is also used as a corrosion inhibitor in industrial processes for the production of hydrogen from hydrocarbons, as a coating for welding electrodes, as ultraviolet absorbent in glass, as depolariser, for glazes, for yellow and blue pigments, as a photographic developer, and in colloidal solution for anti-static layers on photographic material. It is also used as starting material for the production of carbides, nitrides, carbonitrides, silicides, halides, vanadates and vanadium salts
Shaanxi Jiaxin Mining Co., Ltd. is mainly dealing in the production and exportation of Vanadium pentoxide (V2O5 flake and powder) and ammonium metavanadate. And now our company has already formed a series of Vanadium pentoxide products such as Ammonium Metavanadate 98%,98.5%,99%etc.Flake V2O5 98%, Powder V2O5 98%, 98.5, 99%, 99.5%,99.6%, 99.9%,99.99%etc.

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