Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Fully Automatic Assembly Line

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The Assembly line is mainly used for /Non-vacuum and vacuum blood collection tube production. Including Automatic Adding tube, Quantitative Spray and Filling Chemical, Automatic Testing, Automatic Drying, Automatic Adding Cap, Automatic Vacuum pressure Capping, UV sterilization Part, Automatic Packing etc. This full set of assembly line is fast and convenient, high degree of automation, greatly reducing the labor cost.

The Assembly line can automatically fill tubes into test tube tray and spray and fill reagent; quantity of reagent is based on customer's requirement and can be sprayed evenly on test tube surface; Drying system can completely ensure EDTA/Clot Activator rapidly dried within short time; Automatic Adding Cap equipment can rapidly fill the assembled rubber caps into test tube tray and proceed the vacuum pressure capping step; The pressure of vacuum capping is big, to confirm the cap and tubes completely combined, ensure the product quality. The vacuum degree can be arbitrarily set based on product requirements; Automatic Packing system is to put the finished products into racks based on induction and proceed packing.

Product Feature
[Product Features]

1. Adding tube part is fixed by servo motor, stable running, accurate position and fast speed. Suitable for 13*75mm/13*100mm size PET tube or glass tube.

2. Spray and Filling part adopts USA imported quantitative control pump, one-to-one quantitative control, good repeatability, precise quantity, and convenient for washing and changing.

3. Automatic Drying part the drying position of tubes can be adjusted based on production requirement; temperature and time adjustable and can completely satisfy the drying process of vacuum blood collection tube production.

4. Automatic Adding Cap part adopts servo motor for positioning; through unique adding cap device( Air adsorption+ Rubber fix) to ensure the caps will not be dropped off or left adding during production process.

5. Vacuum Pressure capping part adopts Germany Leybold vacuum pump, small noise, no pollution and fast speed; accurate quantity and the vacuum quantity can be adjusted based on production requirement.

6. Automatic putting in Foam racks part fixes position by servo motor. It can automatically put the finished products into white rack with high accuracy and fast speed, greatly improving the production efficiency.

7. Automatic Reagent Testing Part
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Have been specializing in designing and manufacturing automation equipments of vacuum blood tube for many years, we have made a new breakthrough and awarded several national patents for Micro-quantitative filling liquid, Micro-quantitative atomized and filling liquid, High viscosity materials conveying, filling and packing, Vacuum blood collecting tube production equipments and automatic feeding tubes and caps.
A & J's research and development team pull out all the stops to provide automation equipment design, and with the resources of advanced research and development facility, A&J is striding forward towards the world-class manufacturer in the medical treatment, medicine and food industry.
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Technology and Quality are the heart and soul of our business. The time, the effort, and the expertise invested in the development of our management system allow us to provide outstanding and trustworthy products unparalleled in quality.
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A&J has exquisite automation system, the A&J products prove to be the ideal partner for enjoying your life, simplifying your production line, improving your production efficiency, and reducing your enterprises producing cost.
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