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vacuum cooler for vegetable and fruit

The surface of the food contains a lot of water, due to its higher temperature and water vapor pressure is also changed. At atmospheric pressure water evaporation under vacuum is relatively slow, due to resistance to reduce evaporation speed, so food cooling speed. The food at the temperature of 35 to 3 about 20min; in the vacuum groove due to the pressure of uniform, so food precooling homogeneity; cooling capacity, including loading and unloading time can run two times per hour; precooling sanitation, no cross contamination.

And not precooling fruits and vegetables compared to, is more suitable for the long distance trade exports and domestic city arisen supermarket clean food, clean pollution-free vegetables, wild vegetables, flowers, edible fungus and preservation process, has a broad prospect. The practical application proves that, the vacuum cooling of vegetables, dry surface. Fresh green, and directly into the cold slow blowing cooling of vegetables compared with the obvious difference.

Lettuce in the general environment of shelf for a period of 3-5 days, vacuum cooling after storage at 1 degree environment, shelf-life can be extended to 14 days. Can prolong the fresh cut flower vase period

Articles on original senses and to maintain the quality of the best, but also can improve the quality of some items, such as the removal of astringency of Litchi

Safety, health. High production efficiency

The body / surface is smaller than the vegetables, such as cabbage, spinach, leeks and other leafy vegetables is particularly suitable for the use of vacuum pre cooling method.

The main characteristics of Coolbest vacuum pre-cooling machine

In 1, the cooling time is short, only 20~30 minutes, vegetables and can be consistently rapid cooling to 1~3 degrees c;

2, in the field of orchard picking operation, can in the first time to eliminate agricultural and sideline products field heat;

In 3, the vacuum pre-cooling is clean and sanitary, can inhibit or kill bacteria, insects and harmful microorganisms, greatly lowering the rate of decay;

4, even in the rain harvesting or washed fruits and vegetables, the surface of the water is in a vacuum state are excluded;

5, configure the brand-name unit, intelligent automatic control, preventing damage of fruit and vegetable device, electric open slot door and electric feed.

By 6, after the pre-cooling of fruit and vegetable storage transport, and at the end of the precooling compared its freshness, good taste, high price, favorable

On sale.

7, convenient operation, vacuum cooling from restricted packaging, cartons, plastic packaging products in vacuum cooling,

The cooling speed and packaging products almost no difference, in the production is very convenient.

In 8, PLC touch screen control: PLC by use of modern large-scale integrated circuit technology, the strict application of the production process, with high reliability. From the PLC machine circuit, the use of PLC constitutes the control system, and the same scale relay systems, electrical wiring and switch contacts have been reduced to hundreds or even thousands of fault, also reduced greatly. In addition, PLC with hardware fault self testing function, failure will give managers and engineering repair personnel to timely warning information, to ensure the normal operation of the system.

Product Feature
Our precooling systems will Benefit you:

1. Better Fresh Quality and Longer Shelf Life

2. Help you go for distant market

3. Fast cooling cycle

4. Reliable quality & Lower capital cost, Made in China

Vacuum Cooling,

which is most suitable for leafy greens.

German Famous Vacuum pump

Optional Wet-Kit to reduce moisture loss.

Food grade SUS 304 Stainless Steel.

It can cool products to 0 or 1 degree centigrade in 25~30 minutes.

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can be customized accordint to requirements
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Vacuum cooling of vegetables,lettuce,broccoli.strawberry,

CoolBestvacuum pre-cooling equipment Co.,Limited combines research and development, design manufacturing, installation and high-tech Innovation Vacuum Equipment Company.We have many own proprietary products, We devote ourselves to the vacuum pre-cooling machines, vacuum pre-cooling fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked food rapid cooling preservation machine, mobile rapid cooling machine, vacuum machine, vacuum dryer, vacuum deodorization machine, vacuum ( temperature and humidity ) refrigeration storage, vacuum insecticidal machine, vacuum thawing machine, medicinal vacuum freeze drying equipment, fruit and vegetable vacuum freeze dryer, large vacuum freeze drying equipment, various types of non-standard vacuum pre-cooling fresh and vacuum freeze drying system, cold storage, refrigeration storage,quick-freezing storage, spiral quick-freezing tunnel, aluminum row evaporator etc. And dozens of products, hundreds of models of different specifications of products, and provide customers according to the different requirements of precise non-standard product design, provide a full range of high quality,efficient service, and high-quality products, provide high quality and favorable product for customers.
CoolBest vacuum cooling equipment,vacuum pre-cooling machines, decompression preservation warehouse,vacuum fresh-keeping refrigerator, vacuum freeze dryer, cold storage, refrigerator storage, frozen tunnel, main components selection high-class Europe and the United States imported vacuum pump and compressor group, which ensure that the vacuum cooling equipment reasonable configuration, using advanced world class control module in equipment, the temperature can be quickly reaches ( 0℃ -40 ℃) design adjustable, vacuum quick cooling equipment of the electronic control part adopts PLC automatic control, adopts the man-machine interface ( touch screen ) LCD, temperature, working time, cold well temperature, vacuum pressure, anti chilling injury, anti splashing, alarm indication, work flow diagram and constant temperature and constant technical parameters, operation is simple, the user is very convenient to use. Inside there is short phase protection, over-current protection, preheating device, time delay, safety and protection devices, use highly efficient energy saving and environmental protection refrigeration system equipped with high and low voltage protection control, and equipped with electronic current display screen, touch screen can monitor the operation condition , so that equipment can promptly stop in fault state, ensure the unit out of damage, prolong the service life of the unit, records the fault , fault self-diagnosis by micro computer, can automatically adjust the unit energy according to the load changes, can effectively save energy, vacuum device can adapt for continuous operation 24 hours without skilled professional technician operating. It can run automatically once finished debugging . Safe, energy saving, environmental protection, durable, low noise, low fault rate, long service life, fruit and vegetable vacuum pre-cooling fresh machine ( 0~ 8 ℃), high temperature cooked food vacuum quick cooling device ( 0 ℃~ -10 ℃), decompression and preservation storage bin ( 2~ 8 ), vacuum refrigerator(below -40℃),vacuum freezing and dryer, the moisture of drying articles can be controlled below 5%. Vacuum pre-cooling equipment machine uses 304L high-quality stainless steel, which is made of advanced welding technology.The equipment meets requirements of China food safety , has beautiful shape, has the advantages of high work efficiency, compact structure, stable operation, low energy consumption, low noise, convenient operation control, corrosion resistant, durable, can meet the needs of different stage for user on food safety and speed of cold preservation demand.
CoolBest vacuum pre-cooling equipment Co.,Ltd produces vacuum pre-cooling equipment enjoys high reputation of " P, T, C, Q, S" ( talent, technology, cost, quality, service).Product importing from

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