vegetable microwave drying machine

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Product Description
the vegetable microwave drying machine:1,high effective,save energy2,safe and clean 3,easy to operate4,keep color and nutrition
Product Feature
the vegetable microwave drying machine has the following advantages:ompared to the traditional food processing, microwave processing of food has the following advantages: 1 High thermal efficiency, without additional thermal loss 2 Easy to control, flexible 3 Safe, clean, hygienic and protects environment. it is up to GMP standard. The high quality raw materials with careful design and manufacture can guarantee the microwave leaking amount conforms to the national standard. The stainless steel oven does not pollute the herb. 4 Automatic control, continuous production and enhance the economic benefits. Heating rapidly. The traditional heating method make use of Material's heat transfer coefficient and transfer heat from outside to inside. But microwave can simultaneously heat both the inside and outside of the the aqueous material. Therefore, microwave drying is quick and uniform, and can save energy and processing time. 5 Food nutrition, chlorophyll, and vitamins can get a better preservation because of rapid microwave heating. Besides, The changes of muscle plasma and muscle fiber content is also slight. There is relative reduction of the fat content as well. 6 Microwave can penetrate the material with certain thickness , so the microwave drying and dehydration efficiency is several times higher than the traditional technology. At the same time, it does not destroy the nutritional content , color and flavor of the original material. 7 Microwave can also has sterilizing and mould proofing effect. To make use of the non-thermal effects, in a relatively low temperature, microwave can sterilize the material rapidly,.the shelf life of the material can largely be extended but the reliance on preservatives is reduced.
Product Specification / Models
the specification of vegetable microwave drying machine:(the output power, size, transmission speed, conveyor belt, and the height of feeding and out channel is all adjustable according to customer's requirement) Frequency:2450MHz+/-50MHz Input power: AV 380V, 3u00d8,50MHz Magnetron cooling: water cooling magnetron
Application / Models
the vegetable microwave drying machine can be used for the microwave drying dehydrating,and sterilization of various vegetables such as the shallot, carrot, cabbage, kale, green peppers slices, parsley, celery, tomatoes, Green Peduncle vegetables, cabbage, onion slices, garlic slices, ginger, mushrooms, taro.The vegetable microwave drying machine can also be used for the drying,dehydrating and sterilization of various fruits,flower, microwave drying machine,fruit microwave drying machine,flower microwave drying machine,seafood microwave drying machine,herb microwave drying machine,corn microwave drying machine
Other Information
Composition and microwave partsAutomatic temperature control system, automatic microwave density control system, automatic alarm system, transmission correction system, transmission frequency control system, PLC control system, microwave magnetron with Panasonic, LG Brand, water cooling or wind cooling transformer(optinal), etc. This ensures that the equipment can work continuously for 24 hours.
as world industrial microwave power supplier Yantai Care Microwave System was founded in Yantai Since 2000 for Industrial microwave oven design and engineering service, offering a range of microwave solutions that enable our clients to benefit

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