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The most advanced differential pressure flow measurement techniques

XR-HLV VW bus flow meter with a fully aerodynamic design of engineering structures, is a kind of precision, efficiency and reliability has reached unsurpassed levels of sensor components.

XR-HLV VW bus flowmeter for gases, liquids and steam flow measurement accuracy. Pakistan is a power differential pressure, the average rate of flow sensor, the sensor in the differential pressure generated by fluid flow measurement. Pakistan reflects the true power of the fluid flow rate, the accuracy of u00b1 1.0, repeatability of u00b1 0.1. Pakistan is the power of the outstanding advantages: a very stable output, no differential pressure fluctuation signals

Product Feature
Bullet cross section of the probe to produce accurate pressure distribution, a fixed flow separation point; lateral sides located on the probe, the fluid pressure before the separation point to take pressure holes, can generate a stable differential pressure signal, and effective attempts to prevent. Internal integrated structure to avoid signal leakage and improve the structural strength of the probe to maintain long-term accuracy.

Wiley probe anti-blocking design of the power of Pakistan Pakistan's attempts to prevent the flow probe is its excellent design, and so completely out of Annubar easy to plug the plug-flow of the shortcomings of the probe so that the average rate of attempts to prevent the flow of the probe reached an unprecedented level of height.

High Pressure from the probe hole is not blocked high-pressure front of the probe area, the pressure slightly higher than the static pressure pipes to prevent the particles to enter. Please note: the probe hole to take pressure of high pressure fluid velocity is zero, no object will enter the hole to take pressure. Boot, under the static pressure of fluid in the pipe into the elbow, soon formed a pressure balance. After the formation when the pressure equilibrium, the fluid pressure in the pipe met the entrance, take a detour, not into the bend.

The advantages of probe

● measure a variety of media, a wide range of applications

● high precision and range than large

● nature of attempts to prevent the probe hole to take pressure

● Measurement of signal stability, low volatility

Low permanent pressure loss in piping ●

● unique bullet-shaped high-intensity single-chip dual-chamber structure

● Install low-cost, basic maintenance

● Installation and maintenance of online

The power of Pakistan the average rate of flow characteristics of the sensor

● stable signal

Pakistan's low-voltage power to take pressure holes located in the probe lateral sides of the separation point between the fluid and the probe away from the vortex fluctuation region.

● Excellent long-term high-precision

Pakistan to ensure the accuracy of the power of long-term stability, it is because:

⑴. It is not worn, the impact of dirt and grease.

⑵. Structure with no moving parts.

⑶. Designed to eliminate the clogging phenomenon. The front of the probe, high static pressure zone around the probe, the high pressure measuring hole will not be blocked. Most importantly, low lateral hole to take on both sides of the probe, the fluid from the surface Rake over, protect the low pressure holes will not be swept, and the other probe prone to clogging because of their low pressure measuring holes in the impurity aggregation Low volatile region.

The lowest installation costs ●

⑴. Just a few inches of the lines for welding, complete the installation is very simple and quick.

⑵. Application-specific tools, can be achieved with a pressure line installed.

⑶. All the valves and instruments only a simple interface to the assembly, the assembly requires a very low cost.

● very low running costs

⑴. It is a non-shrink cutting the design, as a plug-flow probe, the power bar is the lowest operating costs.

⑵. Verabar produced only a very low permanent pressure loss, typically less than 0.7KPa

⑶. A plate element of the permanent pressure loss generated more than 14KPa

⑷. Compared with the plate, the power of Pakistan's energy consumption by 95.

● bus continuous power to fundamentally eliminate the possibility of blocking, but in the following cases, the power of Pakistan still pay attention to attempts to prevent:

⑴. When the cited pressure tube leak, the destruction of the probe pressure balance area, impurities in the smaller diameter of the particles it is possible to take into

Pressure holes.

⑵. When the pipe is cut, due to the Brownian motion of molecules, small particles of impurities are likely to get
Product Specification / Models
application of new technologies

Original design of the power bus connector with valve ... new design concept provides a new concept, built-in instrument instrument valve joints

1. To make installation and maintenance easier.

2. To reduce the number of assembly parts, the hardware connection


Quick installation system

Quick insertion and removal

● Sealing drive to avoid damage to the components

● can be applied to multiple probes were installed

All installation is not more than 1 hour

Second, the major technical indicators Verabar

1, the power flow measurement system performance bar

Accuracy: u00b1 1 Repeatability: u00b1 0.1

Applied pressure: 0 ~ 40MPa for the temperature: - 180 ℃ ~ + 550 ℃

Measurement limit: depending on the probe intensity measurement limit: the minimum pressure required depends on the measurement

Range ratio: greater than 10:1

For diameter: 38mm ~ 9,000 mm steel tube

Medium: full control, one-way flow, one-way gas, steam and viscosity of less than 10 centipoise liquid

The use of the power bar and extensive, it is used extensively for a variety of gases, liquids and steam

Gas measurement, the following is a typical application of media.

Gas / liquid / vapor

Natural gas / cooling water / saturated steam

Compressed air / boiler water / superheated steam

Gas / demineralized water

Hydrocarbon gas / liquid hydrocarbon

Hot air / low temperature liquid

Furnace gas / liquid thermal conductivity

Third, the principle of Verabar Introduction

When the fluid flow through the probe, in its front to produce a high-pressure distribution, high pressure distribution pipeline pressure slightly higher than the static pressure. Bernoulli equation based on the principle of fluid flow through the probe speed, probe the back creates a low pressure in the distribution area, low pressure distribution pipeline slightly lower than the static pressure. Fluid flow from the probe after the probe produce a partial vacuum the back and sides of the probe appears in the vortex. The average rate of flow cross-sectional shape of the probe, the surface roughness condition and location of the hole to take pressure low is to determine the probe performance of the key factors. Stable and accurate low-voltage signals on both the accuracy and performance speed of the probe play a decisive role. Pakistan all-speed flow of power to accurately detect the probe by the average velocity of the fluid produced by the average differential pressure. Pakistan all-speed flow of power probe in the high and low pressure areas are arranged according to certain criteria for taking pressure multi-hole, making it possible to accurately measure the average velocity.

Fourth, measurement principle Verabar

XR-HLV Verabar is a plug-flow measuring instruments. Insert a power in the pipeline the sensor bar, when the fluid flow through the sensor in its front facing the flow direction to generate a high voltage distribution, in the following would generate a low pressure distribution. Sensor in the high and low pressure areas are arranged according to certain rules more than the average for the three pairs of pressure measuring holes, full of fluid pressure were measured, including average speed of static pressure and the pressure Pl and static pressure P2. P1 and P2, respectively, will be the introduction of differential pressure transmitters, pressure measurement business △ P = P1-P2, △ P reflects the size of the average velocity of the fluid in order to calculate the fluid flow.

Technology and applications,

Model XR-HLV650 XR-HLV640 XR-HLV630


Diameter range of 80 ~ 500mm 50 ~ 5000mm 50 ~ 2000mm

For medium air, gas, gas, gas, water, boiler feed water, with corrosion solution; saturated steam, superheated steam with a condenser and other gases, liquids, steam

Pressure range is usually O ~ 40.OMPa usually 0 ~ 2.5MPa usually 0 ~ 10.0MPa

Temperature range -80 ~ 550 ℃ usually usually usually -80 ~ 300 ℃ -80 ~ 550 ℃

Our company is the domestic key measurement and control engineering complete unit, metallurgical department fixed-point production electric light ministry chemical supporting enterprise mainly engaged in temperature.

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