vertical injection plastic high speed molding machine JTT-550D

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Product Description
JTT-550D Firing rate to speed up the vertical injection molding machine
Clamping Force : 55T
Injection Weight : 113g-194g
Product Feature
Vertical clamping, vertical injection
Use ACC Nitrogen energy storage device, highest speed injection reaches 800mm/s
High precision for position control, ±0.1mm
Optional energy-saving motor
Product Specification / Models
Model JTT-550 D
Screw Diameter mm 30 35 40
Injection Pressure kg/cm2 2170 1594 1220
Theoretical Shot Volume cm3 99 135 176
Max Shot Weight g/oz 90/3.2 123/4.3 160/5.7
Injection Rate cm3/sec 51 69 90
Screw Stroke mm 140
Screw Speed rpm 0-175
Nozzle Contact Force tons 2.6
Nozzle Stroke mm 200
Number of Temperature Control - 3
Hopper Capacity L 30
Clamping Force tons 55
Opening Force tons 13.5
Platen Size mm 650x490
Distance Between Tie Bar mm 500x340
Min Mold Height mm 260/200
Opening Stroke mm 200
Max Open Daylight mm 460/400
Ejector Force tons 1.3/2.1
Ejector Stroke mm 45/145
Slide Stroke mm 500
Max Mold Weight kg 150
Station Clearance mm ±0.02
Max Hydraulic Pressure kg/cm2 140
Pump Output L/min 47
Oil Reservior Capacity L 150
Cooling Water Consumption /hr 800-1000
Pump Moter Power KW 7.5
Barrel Heating Power kw 4.5
Total Power kw 12
Machine Weight tons 2.1/2.3/2.5
Machine Dimension m 2.0*1.20*2.69
Shipping Weight tons 2.3/2.5/2.7
Shipping Measurement m 2.1*1.30*2.79
Application / Models
insert mold, as plug, earphone
Since foundation in 2000, Dongguan Jintong Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. , aiming at satisfying the highest requirements of professional users,has been involved in research and develop of high-precision rotary machine, large injection molding machine. In addition, we have sophisticated technology to design machines with wide variety applications, as inhual cable accessories, inner mold attached lable, glass encapsulation, silicone, rubber and ceramic materials, etc.
Dongguan Jintong Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., have not only internationally advanced facilities like CNC machine tools, and also most professional research, sale and customer service team. We gain intellectual property right for 3-color and 4-color vertical injection molding machine 85-300T, which is the first sample in China . Our biggest machine have clamping fore 2000T. Our product already sell far to Southeast Asia, Japan, Europe, US and South America because of stable and durable quality.
Our main products include:
JT/JTT Series(vertical standard injection molding macine)
JTT-D/DM Series(vertical sliding injection modling machine)
JTT-R Series(vertical rotary injection molding machine)

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