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Volcano sotones (known as pumice or porous basalt) is a kind of functional environment-friendly materials, are volcanic eruptions by volcanic glass, mineral and bubbles formed very precious stone, porous shape volcano sotones contains na, mg, aluminium and silicon, calcium, iron, manganese, titanium, nickel and cobalt and molybdenum kinds of minerals and trace elements, no radiation and having the far-infrared magnetic wave, in the pitiless volcanic eruption, clinched after thousands of years, only humans increasingly find its preciousness. My company has its application field, expand to construction, water conservancy, grinding, filtration material, barbecue charcoal, landscape gardening and soilless cultivation, admire those who play article etc, in all trades and professions plays an irreplaceable role.

1, volcanic stone superior performance, besides having ordinary stone the general characteristics of outside, still have its unique style and special functions. Compared with the granite stone, such as low radioactivity, basalt stone material makes human life can be safely used on living places, without the specter of radioactive pollution. 2, volcanic rock weathering resistance, resistance to stone climate, durable, Absorption noise reduction is helpful for improving listening environment; Simple natural avoid glare, to improve visual environment, Bibulous antiskid thermal resistance to improve body feeling environment: Unique "breathing" function to adjust air humidity and improve the ecological environment. Various unique advantages, can meet the current age of people in architectural decoration on the pursuit of simple natural, advocating green environmental new fashion. 3, volcanic lithical hard, can be used to produce ultra-thin stone plate after finishing grinding, via the surface gloss can reach more than 85 degrees, flittering luster is pure, elegant appearance solemn, widely used in all kinds of exterior decoration, municipal road square, residential quarters ground shop, but also all kinds of antique buildings, European-style architecture, landscape architecture preferred stone, deeply domestic

Pumice say again silicant or float rocks, bulk density of small (0.3-0.4) is a kind of porous, lightweight posterior vitreous acidic volcano rock, its composition is equivalent to flow lines rock. Also called volcanic rocks, volcanic precisely can be divided into plutonic, shallow diagenetic and ejected rock, rock is due here float molten lava condensation with volcanic eruption and become dense hole of the posterior vitreous lava, its blowhole size of rock volume of more than 50 percent. Pumice rough surface, particle density for 450kg/m3, loose 250kg/m3 around for bulk density, natural pumice porosity for 7l. 8-81%, bibulous rate is 50-60%. Because of the pore, light quality, bulk density of less than 1 g/cubic per cent and able to float on water paihuli. Its characteristic is light quality, high intensity, acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, and no pollution, no radiation, etc, is the ideal natural, green and environmental protection products.

Volcano sotones main purpose is as follows:

Building materials: With natural lightweight aggregate concrete. Such as outer wall, floor, roof, Roof insulation, heat insulation layer, Small hollow blocks, Heat resistant concrete, Cement active mixing materials; Preparation without clinker cement; Buildings facing material secco, Sound insulation materials.

Chemical industry: Mill powder as filtering agent, desiccant and the molecular sieve catalyst, petrochemical storage enzyme carrier.

Plastic, packing industry: Optical glass senior abrasive, plastic, rubber filler, Polish hard plastic packing, toothpaste, soap and daily chemical packing.

The product is mainly applied to gardening, heat preservation, refractory materials, construction, ceramics, chemical industry, metallurgy, grinding, oil field. But also exported to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, southeast Asia, Europe and other countries and regi

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