Water Circulation System For Prevention of Green AlgaeUsing Sunlight

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Current technology related to water circulation systems generate convection and diffusive mixing in lakes by supplying bottom water to the water surface through a suction pipe by using solar energy. The device improves water quality by destroying stratification caused by low temperature water and medium temperature water, supplying oxygen through an aeration tube to generate mixture between aerobic water and anaerobic water, improving dissolved oxygen in water, restricting growth of algae, and increasing the self-purification capacity for improved water quality. 

- Water quality improving effect
- Green algae preventing effect
- BOD reduction
- Odor control
Our company always tries to become a company with
the world class competitiveness based on creativity.

Since the establishment, our company has developed the nation`s first Overlaying water Discharge
Equipment(Decanter) for clean environment. Obtaining KT nd NEP
Mark and patent, the equipment is installed in wastewater and sewerage
Treatment plants in Korea, showing good performance.

In addition, we are striving to prevent green tides and
Stench in lakes and reservoirs and protect the environment by developing
The equipment to prevent green tide(Ecoco).

We are going th play a role as a watchman for the environment
So that our customers can enjoy and relax in beautiful and clean environment.

We promise to become a company that provides values for you,
And I wish God bless your family and companies.

Oct. 2009 Awarded the CITI-KOSBI Green CEO Prize
Sep. 2009 Applied for the patent of the water circulation equipment to prevent green tides using photovoltaic
Jun. 2009 Certified as the repair competent supplier by the Korea South-East Power Co., Ltd.

2008 Oct. 2008 Selected as the technology support business by the Korea Materials andComponents Industry Water Circulation Equipment to Prevent Green Tides Using Photovoltaic
Sep. 2008 Selected as 2008 Technology Innovation Development Business(Can Decanter)
Apr. 2008 Certified the R&D TF team

2007 Sep. 2007 Won official commendation by the commissioner of the Korea Intellectual Property Office
May. 2007 Performance certified by the Small & Medium Business Administration
Jan. 2007 Certified as a company specialized in parts and materials
Jan. 2007 Inaugurated as a director of Korea Venture Businesswomen’s Association

2006 Sep. 2006 Selected as a “Promising Small & Medium Business” of Gyunggi province
Mar. 2006 Recertified as a venture company

2005 Dec. 2005 Succeeded in the technological innovation and development project
Nove. 2005 2005 Awarded a prize by the Minister of Commerce,
Industry and Energy at the Congress for New Technology Commercialization
Aug. 2005 Awarded a prize for “Outstanding Venture Businesswork by the Minister of Gender Equality and Family
Jul. 2005 Registered the patents of Diaphragm Descanter manufacturing method and Diaphragm Descanter
Jan. 2005 Constructed and moved the factory

2004 May 2004 Participated in the Chinese market exploration team of Hwaseong
Apr. 2004 Selected as a “Company for Technological innovation and development by Small & Medium Sized Business Administration

Dec. 2003 Outstanding environmental facility quality certified(EES)
Aug. 2003 Awarded a prized for “Outstanding Venture Businessman”by the Small & Medium Sized Business Administration

Nov. 2002 Registered the patent of Diaphragm Decanter
Mar. 2002 Certified as a venture company
Jan. 2002 Selected as an outstanding products by Public Procurement Service
Jan. 2002 Increased capital to 3 trillion won

Sep. 2001 ISO certified
Sep. 2001 Obtained KT mark(Diaphragm Decanter using a biological reactor)
Sep. 2001 Installed the Decanter in the Noksan Wastewater Treatment Plant of LG Construction Co., Inc.
Jan. 2001 Applied the patent of Diaphragm Decanter

Oct. 2000 CEO Park Myungha inaugurated
Jul. 2000 Established MS Tech Inc.

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