WF32 Precision Colorimeter (16mm)

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Precision colorimeter WF32 is based on the International Commission on Illumination CIE relevant standards, national standards developed and produced through the National Measurement SCM certified professional colorimeter. The colorimeter with a new import key components, carefully designed, with accuracy and stability, simple operation, easy to learn, affordable and so on.

High-end colorimeter colorimeter WF32 fill in the gaps in the field of high repeat accuracy Repeat accuracy < 0.03.

High-end colorimeter WF32 has eight kinds of standard light source, to fill in a multi-light source colorimeter blank;

High-end colorimeter WF32 has eight kinds of color difference formula, to fill the colorimeter evaluation methods varied in color space;

Domestic high-end colorimeter WF32 exclusive release color simulation function;
Product Feature
precise, accurate, portable, tiny table difference, huge data storage,automatically calibration, fast measurement, stable,high quality, convenient, easy to operate
Product Specification / Models
Modelt WF32


Color Difference Formulat Delta E * ab Delta ECMC Delta EISO Delta ECIE94 Delta EFCMII Delta ELuv Delta Ehunter Delta EsRGB

Yellowness and Whitenesst Ganci whiteness ISO brightness YI yellowness

Illumination Conditiont CIE Recommendation:8/d

Light Sourcet LED blue excitation

Sensort Photodiode array

Measurement Calibert 4mm/8mm/16mm Alternative

Measurement Conditiont Observer:CIE 10u00b0 Standard observer

Light source:A C D50 D65 F2(CWF) F7 F11(TL84) F12(U30)

Contain light way:SCI SCE

Measurement Ranget L: 0 to 100

Repeated Accuracyt Delta E<0.03 (take the deviation average after 30 times measuring the whiteboard)

Table Differencet Delta E<0.2

Measurement Intervalt 0.5 Sec.

Average Measuring Functiont Average measuring frequency: 1-32 times

Color Simulation Functiont yes

Storage Capacityt Type sample data : 100 with testing sample data: 20000

Whiteness/yellowness data: 200

Language Patternst English/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese

Quality Control Softwaret software

Battery Charging Timet 8 hrs

Batteryt Li-ion battery, 5000 times Measurement

Lifetime of Bulbt 5 years more than 1.6 million measurements

Display Screent TFT true color 2.8inch@(16:9) Resolution ratio:400x240

Interface of Externalt USB2.0 (USB-B)- data communication with software RS-232 (115200bps)- connected with micro printer

Working Temperature Ranget 0 degree -40 degree (32 fahrenheit -104 fahrenheit )

Storage Temperature Ranget -20 degree -50 degree (-4 fahrenheit -122 fahrenheit )

Humidity Ranget Relative humidity less than 85%,without condensation

Weightt 700g

Sizet 199*68*90mm

Size of Exterior Packaget 400*240*340mm

Standard Accessoriest Standard whiteboard/Standard black cavity/3000mAH Li-ion battery/AC adapter/USB Data line/CD /User manual/Warranty card

Optional Accessoriest Flour measuring device/Liquid measuring device/Micro printer

Application / Models
Rubber, leather,home appliance,glass,cosmetic,dyeing, car,cloth,printing, paint,plastic
Wave optoelectronics technology co.,ltd, in shenzhen is mainly engaged in the development and production of optoelectronics, the field involved in color measurement, color technology, photometry, colorimetry and simulation, etc.

There is a large number of patented technologies including color instrument correction between black and white, LED source accuracy and precision, etc.

Currently, the mass production of colorimeter occupies a leading level in the domestic.

WAVE ( make measurement easier.

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