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  Main Features:

1.     Roll system uses high-precision tributaries or AC frequency converter is  operating steadily,  high-speed, no scratches, no crease on the original sheet;

2.     Tension control using import statistics tension control system with the characteristics of tension constant and line speed constant;

3.     Each group sending wire system controlled by independent computer motor ,can adjust speed separately or overall, and speed display;

4.     Sophisticated vacuum system configuration, exhaust fast , using PLC control;

5.     Equipped with high-power power supply, coating high efficiency  and good uniformity of the film.

Ain Configuration:

This equipment mainly by the vacuum system, the vacuum chamber, the parent metal winding system, the aluminum evaporation system, the electricity controls parts and so on cabinet, evaporation control desk to be composed.

1. Vacuum chamber for horizontal-type circle tubular, 304 stainless steel manufactures, vacuum chamber size φ1000~1400mm;

2. The vacuum system with 1 to 2 diffusion pump, Roots pump, mechanical pump, uses electro-pneumatic valve;

3. The Rolling system uses 6 to 10 groups of rollarounds, the wind-up roll, puts the winding up roller, the water cooling roller respectively by a direct motor drive;

4. The coating system may choose according to the product steams the transmission silk coating system or magnetism controls the sputtering coating system. Delivers the silk organization to include the crucible, the electrode, the water cooling, to deliver the silk machine, the power source and so on. Magnetism controls the sputtering to be possible to match 1-4 plane targets and the sputtering power source;

5. Vacuum auxiliary pumping air is a uniform allocation fast circulation low temperature water vapor trap.

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The products we manufacture are as follows: evaporative coating machine, multi-arc ion coating machine, multi-arc ion magnetron sputtering machine, medium frequency magnetron sputtering coating machines ,electron beam coating machine, continuous evaporation (magnetron sputtering) coating production lines, more than features such as multi-layer film coating machine series vacuum coating equipment.
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