xb 2 series pushbutton, za2bd2 push button, xald switches

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These XALD control stations are suitable for most common functions: start, stop, start-stop, emergency stop. Plastic control station for control and signalling units 22 from the Harmony XB5 range. XALD: complete stations are fitted with 1, 2 or 3 22 mm control and signalling units from the Harmony XB5 rangeXALK: complete stations for emergency stop function (1 mushroom head pushbutton)Harmony XALD, XALKDescription:Our NEP control stations combines simplicity of setup with compact size and flexibility.The usage of XALDapplications requiring good resistance to chemical agents and/or double electrical insulation. It is Harmony XALD.Usage of XALDIndustry usage: food and beverage, chemical industries, paper mill, marine applicationsService sector and infrastructure: energy distribution panel builders, food and beverage, car washes. Approval: CE, CCC, ROHS Certifications--------------------------------------------------------------------------------category: Control and signalling components Part No: MKTED205021EN, MKTED ......Products: Harmony XAC-A, Harmony XAM, XAP, Harmony XVB, Harmony XVE, Harmony XVS, Preventa XPE, Preventa XY2C, Harmony XVL, Harmony style 4, Preventa XY2 SB , Harmony XVD, Tego dial, Harmony style 6, Preventa XY2 AU, Harmony style 9, Harmony K1, K2, Harmony style 7, Harmony style 5, ZA2-VA, Harmony XALD, XALK , Harmony XVR, XD2G, Harmony K30 to K150, Harmony XVP, Profil, XK-KJ Push button item number:Push Buttons, Switches, Pushbutton (LAY5,XB2) ( Model Number : LAY5 (XB2) Series ) LAY5 (XB2) SERIES PUSH BUTTONS SWITCHES MUSHROOM PUSH BUTTON SELECTOR SWITCHES SELECTOR SWITCHES SELECTOR SWITCHES XB2-BS642 u00d860 XB2-ED21 N/O XB2-BD21 N/O XB2-EJ121 N/O XB2-BS542 u00d840 XB2-ED25 N/O+N/C XB2-BD25 N/O+N/C XB2-EJ25 N/O+N/C XB2-BS542 u00d830 XB2-ED33 N/O+N/O XB2-BD33 N/O+N/O XB2-EJ33 N/O+N/C XB2-BS442 u00d840 XB2-ED3 N/O+N/O XB2-BD53 N/O+N/O XB2-EJ53 N/O+N/C turn to release N/C standard standard standard emergency stop pushbutton 2 positions 3 positions 2 positions 3 positions 2 positions 3 positions SELECTOR SWITCH KEY SWITCH KEY SWITCH CONTACT XB2-BJ21 N/O XB2-EG21 N/O XB2-BG21 N/O XB2-BE101 N/O XB2-BJ25 N/O+N/C XB2-EG25 N/O+N/C XB2-BG25 N/O+N/C XB2-BE102 N/C XB2-BJ33 N/O+N/O XB2-EG33 N/O+N/C XB2-BG33 N/O+N/C XB2-BE103 N/O+N/O XB2-BJ53 N/O+N/O XB2-EG73 N/O+N/C XB2-BG73 N/O+N/C XB2-BE102 N/O+N/C long handle XB2-BG53 N/O+N/C XB2-BE104 N/C+N/C 2 positions 3 positions 2 positions 3 positions 2 positions 3 positions XB2-BE105 N/O+N/C XB2(LAY5)SERIES
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xb 2 series pushbutton, za2bd2 push button, xald switches
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China Faryuan Electric is a leading manufacturers group in Low-Voltage electrical, Crane pendant control and LED light.
In the year of 1985, our first factory: Yueqing Lite Electric Factory produces pushbutton switches, includiing Radio Remote Control, COB pushbutton, XAC crane control, Cutoff limited, has occupied 1/4 share of the domestic market in crane accessories industry until 2009. In 25 years, our factory has engage in manufacturing and developing news electric products: clamp current transformer, split core transformer, CJX2 AC contactors, industrial plug& sockets, anderson connector, linear actuator,double speed radio remote contro, PDU and LED street lamp, LED Traffic Signal Light.

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16mm mushroom emergency stop button switch / doorbell switch push button

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emergency stop button switch

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crane pendant, crane pushbutton, anderson connector, clamp transformer, split core transformer, PDU
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