Xbox360 slim South Bridge Chip X850744-004

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Xbox360 slim South Bridge Chip X850744-004

Xbox360 Slim XCGPU X818337

Xbox360 Hitachi DVD Drive 0500/0502

Xbox360 Hitachi DVD Drive PCB 0500/0502

Xbox360 Lite-On DG-16D5S DVD Drive PCB

Xbox360 wireless controller LED mod kit

Xbox360 Kinect stand

Xbox360 slim XCM tool

Xbox360 slim network IC chip

Xbox360 Kinect Motherboard Main Board X854488-004

Xbox360 Kinect Motherboard Sub-board PCB Board X850036-015

Xbox360 Kinect Motherboard Sub-board PCB Board X853703-006

Xbox360 kinect camera

Xbox360 3 SATA & 1 IDE to PCI I/O Card Adapter VIA

Xbox360slim memory card 4G

Xbox360 Card Slot Socket

Xbox360 RS232 MAX3232

Xbox360 DVD Drive Power Unit Dongle

Xbox360Slim Wireless Network adapter

Xbox360 Slim Bluetooth Board

Xilinx Platform Cable USB FPGA CPLD JTAG Programmer

Xbox360 Lite ON DVD Drive DG-6D5S 1175

XC2C64 CoolRunner-II CPLD

XC2C64 CoolRunner-II CPLD

Xbox360Slim Cooling Fan

Xbox360 Cooling Fan

Xbox360 network chips ICS1893BFLF

Xbox360 Lite on DG-16D4S DVD Drive Unlocked PCB

Xbox360 Lite on DG-16D4S 9504 DVD Drive Unlocked PCB

Xbox360 Lite on DG-16D4S 0225 DVD Drive Unlocked PCB


Xbox360 MT1335We Mediatek


Xbox360 BENQ DVD Drive PCB

Xbox360 slim power switch flex cable

Xbox360 hard disk 250G

Xbox360 hard disk 160G/120G

Xbox360 Conductive Rubber PAD Controller

Xbox360 DVD Drive Switch Button

Xbox360 Controller Shell

Xbox360 Slim DVD Drive

Xbox360 Slim DVD Drive Lite-On DG-16D4S 9504

Xbox360 Slim DVD Drive LG0500

Xbox360 wireless adapter

Xbox360 slim Laser lens HOP-15XX

Xbox360 slim Laser lens HOP-15XX Flex Cable

Xbox360 Slim 320GB Hard Drive

Xbox360 Slim 250GB Hard Drive

Xbox360 Slim 250GB Hard Drive Case

Xbox360 DVD Drive Power Extension Cable

Xbox360 DVD Drive Power Cable with USB Cable

Xbox360Slim DVD Drive Power Cable

Xbox360Slim Sata Cable

Xbox360slim Power cable

BGA Reballing Station

BGA Reballing Pro Station 90*90mm

XBOX360 & PS3 Direct heating BGA Net Kits(5pcs and 3pcs )

XBOX360 Direct heating BGA Net Kits(5pcs)

Solder Paste

BGA Solder Balls 250,000pcs , Leaded

BGA Solder Balls 250,000pcs , Lead-Free

BGA Solder Balls 25000pcs , Leaded

BGA Solder Balls 25000pcs , Lead-Free

AMTECH Flux Paste 10CC

AMTECH Flux Paste100g

AMTECH Flux Paste 100g NC-559-ASM-UV(TPF)

BGA Reballing stencils 56pcs

BGA Reballing stencils 100pcs

BGA Reballing stencils 100pcs/ set (Heat Directly)

BGA Rework Station ACHI IR-PRO-SC

ACHI IR-PRO-SC Bottom Ceramic Heater Plate

ACHI IR-PRO-SC Top Ceramic Heater Plate

Thermocouple Wire holder with magnet

BGA Rework Station ZM-R5830

BGA Rework Station- RW-SP360C



AMD Radeon IGP 216-0752001

ATI X1600/216PLAKB26FG

ATI 216-0707011

Nvidia GF-GO7600-N-A2

Nvidia GF-GO7400-N-A3

Nvidia GF-GO7200-N-A3

Nvidia G84-600-A2

Nvidia G86-630-A2

Nvidia G86-750-A2

NVIDIA NF-G6150-N-A2 09+

NVIDIA NF-G6150-N-A2 ( 06+ , 07+)

Xbox360 CPU XCPU

Xbox360 HDMI GPU (X02127-002 , X02127-003 )

Xbox360 GPU


Model: X02127-002/X02127-003/X02127-004/X02127-005/X02127-006/X02127-007/X817793/817791/X810478/X816970-002/X816971/X810480-002/X810480-003/X810480-004/X820894-001),they're all compatible with 65nm XBOX 360

Part no:X02056-010,X02056-011,X02056-012,X02056-009 Microsoft Xbox360 GPU 90nm IC Chip ; 80nm / 90nm (80NM, Fits model of XBOX 360(Falcon) console )

65nm. Part no: X810480-001,X810480-002,X810480-003;X810480-004

Xbox360 hana chip X802478-003

Xbox360 South Bridge Chip X817692-002

Xbox360 South Bridge Chip X817692-001

Xbox360 XSB X02047-027 South Bridge Chip

XBOX360 X810634-002,X810634-003,X816225-001

T60 N02RG

Xbox360 IC Chip

infineon hyb18h512321af-13

samsung k4j52324qc-bc14

Qimonde hyb18h512321bf-14

Hynix 512MB HY5RS123235BFP-14 Flash GDDR3 IC Chip for XBOX360 Falcon

Hynix NAND HY27UF082G2B-TPCB 256MB Flash Chip for XBOX360 65NM Motherboard

Hynix NAND HY27US08281A-TPCB 16M Flash for XBOX360 Slim

Samsung K4
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XBOX360 Wireless Headset with Bluetooth&XBOX360 Slim Messenger Kit Chatpad for Xbox 360

XBOX360 Wireless Headset with Bluetooth Messeng Kit Chatpad

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XBOX360 Slim Wireless Controller Gamepad&With PC Receiver Adapter&Slim Wired Controller Gamepad

XBOX360 Slim Wireless Controller Gamepad&With PC Receiver Ad

Eagle Video Game

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