Xceler 50 E. Coli Protein Inductor

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In prokaryotes you can induce foreign protein, normally as inducer uses IPTG. IPTG can`t be replace by bacterium, when it goes inside cells, it can produce a long-lasting induce effect. But inducer where IPTG is the foreign protein has an obvious defect. IPTG has some toxicity, can control bacterial growth, the toxic side effect from bacterial is very obvious and can influence protein`s expression volume; the expression of induced protein is very fast, that is not good for protein folding, it can easily become an inclusion body; IPTG is not able to metabolize and has some toxicity, that`s why can`t agree with an industrialization producing and uses for medicine with engineered protein.

Xceler 50 is a new complex reagent combines two functions as an expression of induced protein and stimulated protein synthesis, it`s a new generation protein booster that is better than IPTG. It doesn`t take any toxicity, highly effective foreign protein provides new technology, that is a breakthrough in genetic engineering. There are some main benefits:

1.Xceler 50 is fully natural, doesn`t have any toxins, can be used for bacterial, doesn`t leave any toxic residue;

2.Xceler 50 improves bacterial growth, induced OD600 makes it higher that IPTG for 50-300%;

3.Xceler 50 improved protein expression volume for 50-150% (compare with IPTG);

4.After Xceler 50 inducion protein`s solubility is good, inclusion body are few.

Product Feature
Field of application: this product can effective improve prokaryotic foreign protein without any toxic side effect from thallus, obviously improve protein expression volume. It can replace IPTG and be a reagent.

Method of using: put it during making a fermentation broth, when the thallus is changing over to prometaphase of logarithmic growth. Recommended volume is 10 g/L.

Preparation method: (10 g as example, mixture 10u00d7concentrated solution, total 100 ml)

1) Inject the water(around 20-30C)into the vessel till 90 ml. Then put the powder into the vessel and stir fast 10 min. Then inject the water till 100 ml.

2) Make a filtration sterilization with 0.2 um filter membrane.

3) Keep the solution in the dark place with temperature range 2-8 C.
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