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1. We produce with real ingredients.
- We use 100 percent Korean natural ingredients and process them to produce the product.
2. What is Yangsoldaegam?
Because of the hot taste particular to onion juice, many consumers find drinking it burdensome.
Yangsoldaegam, however, is a health drink with upgraded functions and taste wherein natural ingredients of Boeun red clay jujube, Joseon pine needles, and Korean licorice are delicately mixed. Boeun red clay jujube rich in sugar content and many functions, Joseon pine needles directly collected from the mountain, and licorice widely used in Oriental medicine are added to supplement the drink's effects. In particular, we use patent applied traditional germanium pottery, alkali water, and tourmaline ceramic bowls to process the drink for its easy absorption into the body. 
3. Recommended for:
* People who find drinking onion drinks difficult because of their particular taste
* For enhancing the growth and activities of children
* For health care and nutritional intake of the elderly
* For the physical health and improved physical constitution of male and female office workers
* For the health care of everyone.

Precautions when taking:
1) If you have allergies, check the components before drinking.
2) Take precaution not to hurt your hand when opening or drinking from the package.
3) Deposits may form given the product's characteristics. They are intrinsic components and you may safely consume them by shaking well.

How to keep:
Keep in a cool, dry place, away from high temperature and humidity as well as direct sunlight.
Immediately consume upon opening.

Ingredients: 75% onions, 23% Boeun jujube extract (14Brix), 1% pine needles, and 1% licorice
Producer and address: Jeongswell; 6-gil 2, Samsan-ro, Boeun-eup, Boeun-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
Quantity: 30 bags of 120ml
Shelf life and storage: 2 years from the date of production / in cool place
Date of production: separately marked on each product box
Food type: fluid extract tea
Consumer support: 070-8813-2044
Country of origin: 100% Korean
How to consume: 2-3 times a day before or after meals (shake well before drinking)

Life runs based on the four principles of birth, old age, sickness and death (or introduction, development, turn, and conclusion). From the infinitely large and far universe to nano particle minute microorganisms, every life ceaselessly changes either very slowly or unimaginably quickly even if we may not be aware of the changes.
As such, we have long deemed the changes as God’s providence or the eternal cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. We now understand them more systematically through scientific thinking and analyses.
Even if the 6 billion people living on earth each look different and live in different places under multifarious conditions, everyone wants to live a healthy life. It is, however, not easy to select the right farmed goods and processed foods that would contribute to a healthy life.
Many doctors recommend consuming diverse foods, but because of advertisements and publicity of all kinds of products with different colors and taste, it is very confusing to select the right ones.
Furthermore, the ratio of production: from the distribution costs of many products, the consumers end up purchasing 3 out of 7 that in many cases the prices are unreasonably bloated. In the end, producers and consumers get to bear the greatest loss in this distribution structure. In addition, many foods contain additives from the 600 allowed by the Korean Food and Drug Administration that when accumulated for long, they harm the body in many cases.
As an example, a hamburger of a famous company is bought by consumers for KRW 5,000-6,000, but it costs only about KRW 800 in ingredients. We also have a case of an eldest son of a founder of Company B famous as an ice cream chain store personally leading a global boycott of ice creams on the grounds of it not being healthy. On the other hand, it is difficult to sell even the best quality and honest products if it doesn’t follow the existing distribution order.
Jeongswell is therefore working hard to create a space wherein producers of honest and reliable products can share them with consumers away from the distorted distribution order. Jeongswell (Jeong Best Well-being) means we pursue “Jeongipumsong (famous pine tree in Korea) for pine tree, and Jeongilpum (best) for health.”
We will honestly work hard on the foot of Mt. Sokri to provide you with better products. We ask for your continued interest and unfailing support for us to grow further.
Wishing you healthy days…

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