YD-50KW wind generator

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Item No.: YD-50KW

Wind wheel diameter: 18m

Rating wind speed : 13m/s

Rated output power: 50kw

Max power: 55kw

Output voltage : 380v

Startup wind speed : 3m/s

Work wind speed: 3-25m/s

Security wind speed : 40m/s

High of tower: 18m

Weight of top: 2050kgs

Material of tower:

steel pole with wirerope

Service life : 15-20 years

Yantai Goodwill Trading Co., Ltd. engage in small wind generators and nucleating transparent agent.
1.Small wind generator:
Every type has self-governed power supply system, from 150W to 50KW. It can work in safe at any kind of bad weather, and does not need any special care. It is the perfect power supply system for living separately, observatory, sentry, isolation island and farm. We also have products such as solar and wind hybrid generator, which combine the wind energy and the solar energy, not only make full use of natural resources, but also make our environment more beautiful.
With over 20000 units installed worldwide, including Korea, Indonesia, Mongolia, Germany, Ireland and Australia, etc. we has unrivalled experience and has built up a global reputation for their robust and reliable performance. We have integrated design, production, sale and after-sale service, and our products are widely applied for island, military, maritime monitor, home use, commercial business and remote area etc.
If you would like to reduce your domestic energy bills or provide a multi-site energy solution for your business, we can help achieve your renewable energy aspirations. We make sure that your wind turbine choice will work productively for you and deliver all-round environmental benefits.
2. Nucleating transparent agent:
Nucleating transparent agent ZC-3 promotes the resin to crystallize by providing crystal nucleus and makes the structure of the crystal grain fine, thus improving the products’ rigidity, heat distortion temperature, dimension stability, transparency and luster. In addition, nucleating transparent agent ZC-3 can shorten the molding cycle of products, expand the processing conditions and strengthen the smoothness. Nucleating transparent agent ZC-3, the third generation of sorbitol nucleating transparent agent, has the same chemical structure and application performance with Milliad 3988. Compared with the first generation DBS and the second generation MDBS, it has superior biological applicability, as it is non-toxic and tasteless and will not produce undesirable smell when processing. Nucleating transparent agent ZC-3 is especially applicable to resin of top-grade polypropylene products, such as medical supplies and food packaging. And it is more suitable for food packaging materials than the second generation.
Performance Indices:
Items:Performance & Indices
Appearance: White tasteless powder
Loss on Drying,≤%: 0.5
Melting Point,℃: 255~265
Granularity (Head):≥325
Nucleating transparent agent ZC-3 is especially applicable to transparent plastic products like medical supplies, stationery, beverage packaging, transparent cups, bowls, basins, plates, CD boxes and so on, also fit for the high-temperature sterilization products and widely used in PP sheet and transparent PP tubes. It can directly be used after mixing with PP dryly and also be used after being made into 2.5~5% seed grains. Generally, the transparency of 0.2~0.4% nucleating transparent agent is rather significant. The proposed amount of addition is 0.2~0.4% and the processing temperature is190 ~ 260 ℃.
Packaging & Storage:
With 5 kg or 10 kg compound bags as inner packaging and cartons as outer packaging, the nucleating transparent agent ZC-3 is preferably preserved in a cool and dry place. It can be stored for three years before unsealing; and the bag should be tied up if the bag is unsealed and the product is not used up.

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