YD69 CW/CCW Measurement Hall Dual-Channel Sensor

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Product Description
Brief Introduction

YD69 hall dual-channel sensor is installed on the shell of the measured machine.Inducting the raised

part or concave slots of the magnetizer.It shows the corresponding level, it is used to detect axis of

rotation speed, linear velocity.

The method to get the acceleration of the measured machine is by calculation processing.The sensor

has good low and high frequency characteristics. The low frequency is as low as 0Hz, can be used for

zero-speed measurement of rotating machinery, because the sensor can provide acertain phase of

two speed signals, so you can judge for CW or CCW; high frequency is as high as20KHz, can meet

the high-speed measurement requirements of vast majority of industrial field. It is contactless

measurement between the sensor and the measured gear, no wearing and easy installation.

The output waveform is square wave that duty cycle for about 50%.Hall Dual-Channel Sensor has

the features of great adaptability, wide speed range, wide temperature range and strong vibration


Product Feature
Technical Parameters

(The parameters of phase difference are the data when the speed gear modulus is 2, in line with

DIN867 standard.)

1. Installation

The measured machine need to be a magnetizer with raised parts or concave slots.

Suggestion: modulus: more than 1.7, the material need to be magnetic low-carbon steel.

P.S.: If the width of the raised part or concave slots is different from the width of the flat surface, the

waveform width will be affected.

Installation gap: 0.3-1 .5 mm, typical value is 1.0mm.

P.S.: Depends on the vibration of measured machine.

2. Output Characteristics

Frequency response characteristics: 0 ~ 20 kHz

Output channels: Double channel

Output waveform: square wave, rise and fall by time 12 u s + 40%

Output amplitude:

high level: U b-(1.8 V + 40%); low level: < 2.2 V

Pulse duty cycle: 50%u00b125%

Phase difference: 90u00b130u00b0

P.S.: Depends on the Installation and the rotation direction of rotating parts. This parameter is

suitable for the installation on the figure 4 of the manual.

Load capacity: u00b120mA (Maximum)

Output impedance: less than 47 Ohm

3. Work environment requirements

Working power supply: U b=15VDCu00b130% (8V~28V)

Current consumption: less than 35mA

Working temperature: -40 degree~125 degree (head)

Vibration resistance performance: vibration (10Hz ~ 2KHz) 30g, shock 100g


4. Electrical characteristics

Power source polarity protection: yes

Output short circuit protection: yes

Insulating strength: 1000V 50Hz,1min ( channel and shell)

5. External cable and connection

The wire attached: 6 u00d7 0.5mm2 shielded cable, standard length is 1.0 meter (can be extended

according to user's requirements)

Product Specification / Models
Working Principle

1. Speed measurement principle

When the speed gear rotates, the sensor will provide a frequency f(Hz)= nu00d7m/60 (n is the rotating

speed,p is the gear teeth) of the square wave signal, It can be used for the locomotive electronic

control systemto do sampling detection of locomotive speed and diesel engine speed.The inductor

need to be a magnetizer, can be groove, raised screw or toothed gear.There are several parameters

as follow for using the sensor to do detection:m -numbers of the inductors on the measured rotating

magnetizer.n -speed f -input signal frequency s-the set meter factor (depends on characteristics of

the speed measuring instruments, some speed measuring instruments set gear teeth directly,

please follow the manual of the speed measuring instrument you selected to set meter factor)

S=60/M n = s u00b4 f = 60 u00b4 f / m.After setting the induction numbers of measurement system, the setting

coefficient of the instrument can be made sure. According to the sensors in each channel that

corresponding induction numbers to determine the coefficient of each channel.

For example, as to the speed measurement of a rotation axis, there are 30 gear teeth on the axis, it

means the teeth numbers of induction Z = 30, then the output frequency of each channel f = (30/60)u00b4n,

rotating speed n = 2f, that means the measured frequency multiply 2 is equal to actual speed. Set the

coefficient of speed measuring instrument in 2, means s = 2, then the actual speed of rotor can be

displayed directly. Similarly, if every rotor produce 2 signals, then set the coefficient s = 30. Others

can be deduced by analogy.

2. CW/CCW discrimination measuring principle

Hall Dual-Channel sensor can discriminate CW run and CCW run easily.

According to the application example in specification 4 to install it, when it runs CW as figure 4, the

output wave of channel 1 is ahead of channel 2 90u00b0. Waveform diagram is as follow:
Other Information
Installation, Usage and Fault handling

1. About SJ series Hall Dual-Channel Sensor, it is not allowed the working power supply connect with

locomotive battery, it should connect with isolated power supply to output

2. The sensor output wire must be connected with no mistake according to the specification, make

sure there is no short circuit and open circuit appears. Strictly prohibit pulse output and power supply

to be short circuit.

3. Install the sensor according to the instructions in the installation diagram. After adjust the gap

between the gear and head of sensor to 0.6mm, tighten it.

4. Before the sensor installed into the shell of measured machine, use a ferromagnetic contacts and

leaves the sensor, if the output current changes, it is normal.

5. In normal condition, if the output current no changes, the sensor is damaged.

6. If the wire is damaged by external force, the solution is to change a sensor.

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