Yinqiao San

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Yinqiao San

---traditional Chinese medicine(TCM)preparations

[Veterinary medicine name]

 common name:Yinqiao San

 commodity name:Qing Yi Kang

[Main ingredients]

 Honeysuckle, forsythia, mint, Schizonepeta tenuifolia and fermented soybean etc


 Tanned powder,

 Fragrant smelling

 Taste is slightly sweet,bitter and acrid


 Resolving superficies with pungent and cool natured drugs,heat-clearing and



Anemopyretic cold,sore throat,first beginning for ulcerative carbuncle.

Anemopyretic cold,

symptoms are heavy fever,light aversion to cold,cough,sore throat,mouth is dry and reddish,thin yellow coated tongue,floating pulse.

First beginning for ulcerative carbuncle,

symptoms are local swelling and obvious heat pain,also with fever,mouth is dry and reddish,thin yellow coated tongue,floating pulse.

[Goods advantage]

Yinqiao San(Qing Yi Kang)

used in summer can reduce stress and lower the morbidity significantly,which is the essential artifact for poultry cooling.

(1) Resolving superficies with pungent and cool natured drugs,heat-clearing and


  1. Main for anemopyretic cold,sore throat,first beginning of ulcerative carbuncle cure.
  2. t
  3. Improve the function of non-specific immune immunity, inhibit virus replication, strengthen immunity and induce to produce interferon.
  4. t
  5. By treating from both root causes and symptoms and not easy to relapse after healing.

(5)Prevention and control of avian virus disease: avian influenza, atypical Newcastle disease, avian infectious laryngotracheitis,avian infectious bronchitis, bursa of fabricius, duck plague, duck hepatitis, goose disease, etc.

Clinical manifestations are high fever and poor appetite, depressed, swollen head, purple crown and beard, difficulty breathing,crow unnormally, hemoptysis, yellow white or green dejecta, intractable diarrhea, low egg production, misshapen eggs, sandy shell eggs, soft shell eggs, no shell eggs increase etc diseases.

(6)Prevention and control for pig virus diseases:porcine circovirus diseases(PCVD), blue ear disease, swine fever, gastroenteritis, epidemic diarrhea, parvovirus and so on.

It is characterized by high fever, loss of appetite, reduced appetite,dry and blocking dejecta like like an abacusn bead or watery can’t be formed, with bleeding spots on limbs inner sides and back etc symptom.

  1. Anti-stress health care: applicable to pigs motion sickness symptoms of discomfort which occurred in turning bar, weather and temperature change that is beyond the limits of the pig can carry, heat, cold, wind, carsickness during the transport etc.


[Goods advantage]

Yinqiao San(Qing Yi Kang) contains immune-polysaccharide: can increases immunity, immune effect of vaccine, and prevents virus disease.


Enhance the detoxification ability of the liver:Participate in cellular respiration,amino acid metabolism and neurotransmission,synthetic reaction of collagen and intercellular substance.Promote the absorption of iron in the gut and strengthen the body's resistance to infection,enhance the detoxification ability of the liver.

Which can be added to the Chickens that eat many drugs to enhances detoxification.


Convenient to feed:Suitable for long term adding, mixed with fodder/drink directly,significantly effective,low cost and efficient(Yinqiao San has good effect   to various kinds of avian influenza,eg:H9,H5,Virus disease of Newcastle disease,used with Bai Du Qing can enhance the effectiveness of the drug and improve the immune system)


[Application and Dosage]

  As for this goods accounting base

  Horse,cow:250~400g,   sheep,pig:50~80g, rabbit,poultry:1~3g

[Side effects]

  Used according to the advised dosage,no side effects yet.


[Package]500g*30bags*boxes;or as customers’ requirements

[Storage]Avoid sunlight,sealed,dry places

[Shelf life]

[Executive standard]

  Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China (Edition 2010) part 2

Shandong JianMu Biological Pharmaceutical Company Limited was established in 1989, factory is located in the national famous historical and cultural city - Jinan, which is also the provincial capital of Shandong.In 2002,JianMu finished the shareholding system reform,turn to be a stock company held by Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences. JianMu has being engaged in veterinary medicine, feed additives, animal feed for 28 years. We are also the earliest and leading enterprise in the animal research,application of superfine powder and Chinese medicine small molecule polypeptide.

With the full support of Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, JianMu has occupied domestic market with high level,no matter in the R&D or manufacturing of Animal small molecule antiviral drugs, Probiotics and Ultra-fine powder of Chinese Medicine etc.More than 100 new products have been developed by JianMu,including 4 national key new products,25 national new veterinary drugs.And JianMu has won 40 national awards up to now.

We always insist on the strategy of "Seeking development with high technology and surviving with high quality" to develop into a powerful enterprise rapidly. We have built a strong team of experts and professors with doctorate or master's degree .There are more than 100 employees, technicians account for 80%.JianMu got the certificate of GMP in 2004 as one of the earliest enterprises,and passed the review in 2010 and 2015.JianMu has HPLC, GC and other advanced detection equipments.There are 6 Veterinary Medicine GMP workshops,8 production lines,3 feed workshops.

JianMu is looking forward to establishing extensive and friendly cooperation with friends all over the world to make a tremendous contribution to veterinary medicines' development together.Sincerely welcome your contact and visit .

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