YJTG Series Invert-Fed Speed Adjustable Three Phase Asynchronous Induction Motor

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Product Description
Power: 0.55kw - 315KW

Voltage: 380Vt

Speed: 600RPM/750RPM/1000RPM/1500RPM/3000RPM

Poles: 2/4/6/8/10 poles

Protection Degree: IP44/IP54

Cooling method: IC416

Insulation Class: F

Duty: S1
Product Feature
YJTG series variable-frequency adjustable-speed asynchronous motor is the new generation of variable-frequency adjustable-speed motor, which is developed base on the YJT variable-frequency adjustable-speed motor. In the aspect of electromagnetism design, we adjust the rotor slots, the winding pattern, and the connection, so that the motor enable to be supplied by the transducer power source. Meanwhile, the design could guarantee the overload capacity of the motor when high frequency and it could maintain the same with Y series motor, besides the length size, other dimensions is also same as Y series motor, This series motor is forced ventilation with the independent axial flow ventilator, which guaranteed that the motor has good cooling performance in the entire frequency range and the temperature rise is not over that rating.

The speed modulation system consisted of YJTG series variable-frequency adjustable speed 3 phase asynchronous motor and the frequency conversion installing, compares with other speed modulation way, the energy conservation effect is remarkable, the speed modulation performance is good, the governor deflection is broad, the noise is low, the vibration is less, this motor can widely apply in the light industry, the spinning and weaving, the chemical industry, the metallurgy, machine tool which need permanent torque or adjust speed at the permanent power and the air blower, the water pump which need energy saving speed modulation. It is helpful in developing automated control of the speed modulation system.
Product Specification / Models

YJTG state for: Type of motor

200 state for: Center Height

L state for: Frame Size

1 state for: Core Length

6 state for: Number of Pole
Application / Models
light industry, the spinning and weaving, the chemical industry, the metallurgy, machine tool which need permanent torque or adjust speed at the permanent power and the air blower, the water pump which need energy saving speed modulation.
Other Information
Motor Construction

Protection Degree: IP44/IP54

Cooling Method: IC416

It can carry high resolution sensor(the electro-optical encoder, the rotary transformer and tachogenerator) according to customer's requirement.

It can carry magnetic brake(both circulation and lose electric brake is ok), gearspeed reducer, etc.

Standard terminal box mounting is on the right hand side seen from the shaft end of the motor. As an alternative, mounting at the top or on the left hand side is possible on request.
XI'AN Wangpai Electric Machine Corp., Ltd is the branch office of Wangpai DC Motor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. , It is engaged in foreign and economic trade and combines technology industry and trade into a whole. As the representative of Wangpai Motors, Wangpai is mainly specialized in the exportation of electric motor, generators and other electrical equipment.

We are specializes in manufacturing of DC motor and AC motors, Our motors are widely used in the Paper-making, plastic extruding machine, Metal cutting machine tool, Steel&Tube Mill, Compressor, Pump, Blower, Electric power, Coal, Metallurgical and Cement industry, etc. Our company has powerful technical force, abundance process capacity, superior process method and advanced test equipment.The quality of main products conforms to GB & IEC standard and has passed the authentication of quality assurance system of ISO9001:2000. CE certificates. And our products mainly exported to Europe, Africa, South-east Asia,

Our main products divided into 3 parts:

DC Motor
include Z series Medium DC motor, Z4 series DC motor, Z710 series motor, ZSN4 Cement turning round motor, ZZJ800 series DC motor for auxiliary transmission of rolling mill,
AC Motor
Large AC motor include Squirrel cage motor and Slip ring motor(Y, YR series, YKS, YRKS series, YKK, YRKK series, YJTG series inverter-fed three phase asynchronous motors ).
Allocated Equipment & Motor Spare parts.:
Generators, control cabinet, heat exchange plater, tacho-generator, YOT series Speed Regulating Hydraulic Coupler, blower, Carbon Brush, etc. )

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