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Unlike the existing conventional filters, ZD series utilizes the principle of electrostatic ion. As the contaminated oil passes through the electrode, equipped with an electrostatic dielectric, various kinds of impurities in the oil are removed and attached to the dust collector. It is circulating purification system that only supplies only clean oil into the tank.

Zedal inc. provides the latest oil purifiers which eliminate impurities up to 10 micron during its first operation and separate moisture (20,000 ppm) secondly.

Normal filters are able to purify the particle size of 5 micron to the utmost. However, ZD series collects and removes 0.05 micron impurities with tertiary electrostatic ion system. As pre-maintenance equipment, ZD series will be the ACE in your factory since they prevent oil oxidation and maintain proper oil viscosity so as to supply clean oil.

Product Feature

In accordance with the pressure and the oil volume indicated by the siphon tube and the flow measuring probe of the oil purifying tank and the oil water separator, the equipment could effectively adjust the oil purifying process at the polluted section, hence guaranteeing the service life of the pump and the oil-water separator to a great extent.

In the process of oil purification, local heating could be found through the thermometer set in the oil purifying tank so as to avoid oiliness change (viscosity, acidity, etc.) as well as the corrosion of the plate electrode.

The most satisfactory effect of oil purification could be learned and controlled through the extent meter, that serve minute oil volume in the process of purification.

Operators can easily check oil purification status through the glass tube in the distinguishing oil purifying tank, hence avoiding the use of UNION, SAYBOLT, and other colorimeters.

Fluid friction has been taken into full consideration while oil circuit is designed.

The oil-water separator could refine the emulsified waste oil.

Special SUS 304 Filter (600~1300 MASH) is installed in the equipment to filtrate water-soluble mold release, cutting oil, and other oils that contain a lot of foreign substances.

For winter operation, heating system could be installed outdoor to maintain appropriate oil temperature for purification.

Oil purification effect is able to be verified through digital oil checker, unlike other traditional purifiers.

Product Specification / Models
All items are adjustable for better quality improvement.

Application / Models
Applicable machinery

Hydraulic press, Injection molder, Compressor, Test equipment, Reducer, Extruder,

Cleaning machine, Generator, Robot, Transformer, Construction equipment (Excavator, Wheel loader, etc.), Rolling machine, Die casting, Electric discharge machine, Various hydraulic system, Vessel : Engine (Generator), Mooring, Windlass, Hatch cover, Lamp system, etc.
Other Information
Applicable oil type

Hydraulic fluid, Electric discharge oil, Rolling oil, Machine oil, Releasing agent,

Engine oil (Generator), Turbine oil, Heat treating oil, Compressor oil, Spindle oil, Reduction gear oil, Cleaning oil, Cutting oil, Special oil, Various industrial lubricating oil
Established in 1987, our company specializes in manufacturing marine equipment including oil purifier, oil-water separator, pollutant treatment facility and managing professional manpower for shipbuilding, construction, power plant around the world.

Since its foundation, we have extended our reputation not only in domestic but in foreign market by acquiring various patents. Furthermore, we continuously make greater efforts to contribute quality innovation and cost reduction by supplying products of high quality, performance.

Zedal Inc. will keep focusing on maintaining customer's trust with higher prospect for the future.

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