ZGD-560 Automatic forging roll

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Product Description
ZGD Automatic Forging Roll
ZGD series forging rolls with manipulator are continually optimized and improved products on the basis of EUMUCO technology
Product Feature
ZGD series forging rolls with manipulator are continually optimized and improved products on the basis of EUMUCO technology. By combining with BRIMET's technologies on forming rolling and performing rolling processes die equipment and production line, the forging roll can be applied in automobile tractor energy and hand-tooling industries. Several tens production lines for manufacturing automotive front axle connecting rod steering knuckle crankshaft and turbine blade have been provided to forging factories. Enormous economic and social benefits have been achieved to our customers.
Product Specification / Models
type unit
ZGD-370 ZGD-460 ZGD-560 ZGD-680 ZGD-1000 ZGD-1250
Outer diameter of rolling die mm
370 460 560 680 1000 1250
Width in commission for rolling mm
500 570 700 850 1200 1400
Max.length of work-piece mm
570 710 870 1050 1920 2500
Adjustment of center distance mm
15 17 20 20 25 20
Rotating speed of roller rpm
62 56 52 40 30 8
Max.blank dimension mm
55 75 100 125 160 200
Longitudinal stroke of transfer arm mm
490 630 758 800 7000 7000
Lateral stroke of transfer arm mm
435 505 550 750 920 1420
Max.load capacity kg
12 12 30 50 150 250
Main motor power kw
18.5 22 55 132 250 355
Total weight T
10 12.5 22 60 70 120
We, China Forging Machinery Co., Ltd.?(CFM) are the holding subsidiary of?Beijing Research Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Technology?(BRIMET, a branch of China Academy of Machinery Science and Technology (CAM) administrated directly by SASAC).?CFM is located in National Haian Economic and Technical Development Zone, which is in the north of Yangtze Delta Area, at the cross point of China eastern and Jiangsu northern high speed rail along the sea and high expressway.?
Our products are mainly divided into three categories. The first is forging machinery, including CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer, follow-up control fully hydraulic free die forging hammer, high energy clutch-operated screw press, hot die forging mechanical press, automatic forging roll ,cross wedge roll, auxiliary forging machines , automatic forging lines, die and forging process. The second is fabricating?machinery, including?high speed servo-driven hydraulic press, rolling machine for ship, upper roller universal rolling machines, horizontal lower adjusting rolling machine, four roller rolling machine, rolling machines for autos, steel pipe rolling line, leveler and?automatic sheet metal forming lines. The third is piling machinery, including off-shore hydraulic piling hammer, on-shore hydraulic piling hammer and hydraulic rapid impact compaction.
Our factory?occupies 56,000 square meters, with nearly 20,000 square meters full steel frame workshop. Assembly workshop maximum lifting capability is 120 tons. The metalworking workshop has large CNC and digital display metal cutting machines with maximum machining size of 4X12 meters.?We have been certified by ISO9001 quality management system and CE certificate.
We also?have one production research institute, BRIMET Production Research Center, mainly for improving products reliability, working accuracy and green intelligent. It has many independent intellectual property rights on forming technology, piling technology, equipment and system integrated technology. And it has got national and province rewards many times.?
Additionally, we have one subsidiary factory, Jiangsu Huiyang Precision Forging Co., Ltd., mainly for trialing our forging machines and process. So we can provide turnkey solutions for customers, including machine manufacturing, production line debugging and forgings preproduction.
We?insist on the developing strategy of “controlling key, mastering core, basing on high-end and facing international”, and adhering to philosophies “adoring craftsman, to be diligent and pragmatic, pursuing excellence, to become pioneers”. We will?do our best to build the state-level and international competitive industrial base.

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ZGD Automatic Forging Roll

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