ZJHP Single Seat Pneumatic Flow Control Valve

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CV3000 Top Guided Single Seat Pneumatic Flow Control Valve(ZJHP)


1, To achieve greater CV value and wider adjustable ratio

S shaped structure body is generated from the fluid analysis in a unique, can be suppressed by flow path shape complex and eddy current as well as flow path suddenly expand caused by complex and irregular flow phenomenon, which brings the medium flow, high efficiency in addition, guide wing cage type valve can be unstable fluid efficiently sleeve around the into the sleeve, due to these features, the CV3000 series valve with the original V series valve compared with a 30% increase in CV, and the adjustable ratio was enlarged from 30:1 to 50:1 (add attachments of up to 75:1), so it can be used to control a wide range of load changes.


2,High precision flow characteristics can bring the "ideal" flow

Adopting high precision flow characteristic curve as the standard technical parameters, to achieve the "ideal" flow theory. The process gain stability; computer simulation, valve opening degree of process control conditions, can realize flexible control.


3,Small volume and light weight

CV3000 series valve due to film the spring type small lose simple mechanical structure of the power of the executive body, thus successfully greatly reduced height, realize the miniaturization, according to multi spring diaphragm actuator and S shaped valve, control valve of CV3000 type and V type series valve compared can achieve 30% - 40% a small, light, efficient use of space has contributed to the.


4,Full specifications, wide use

CV3000 series valve has from the vacuum valve to the valve, varied from low to high temperature control. Widely used in petroleum refining, petrochemical, chemical fertilizer, chemical, steel, metallurgy, papermaking, power, light industry and other automation control process.

3. CV3000 Top Guided Single Seat Pneumatic Flow Control Valve(ZJHP)

Main Parts Material:


Valve Body/Cap:    S.S304.

Valve Core/ Seat:  S.S304, Stellite.

Packing:                  PTFE.

Gasket::                  Graphite.

Membrane Cover: A3.

Spring:                    60Si2Mn.

Valve Stem:            S.S 304.

Nut/Bolt::                 S.S 304.


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