ZR804 Series Magnetic Latching Relay for KWH Meter Energy Meter

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Product Description
Operating Principle:

Magnetic Latching Relay is a kink of high-power relay, of which the contact condition is maintained by the magnetic force from permanent magnet. When the load need to be open or closed, positive and negative dc impulse voltage will drive the coil,so that relay can complete the state transition between opening and closing instantly. And then, the coil doesn't need electricity any more, only by the magnetic force of permanent magnet, its condition can be maintained.
Product Feature
Main Features:

(1),Small in size, high precision, excellent uniformity.

(2),Reliable insulation between primary winding and vice edge winding, winding and shielding

(3),With good linearity

(4),Can effectively inhibit the interference of group-signal from electrical fast transient pulse
Product Specification / Models
ZR-804 Series Magnetic Latching Relay for KWH Meter Energy Meter

Technical Parameters

Contact Resistance(m Ohm):t 1.5m Ohm (1A 6VDC)

Contact Voltage drop (mV):t No more than 120mV

Contact Load(Resistance):t 60A/80A 250VACt

Coil Power Consumption(W/0.1s):t Singlet1W


Rated Coil Voltage: 9VDC~48VDC

Initial Operating Voltage(DCV):t No more than 75%

Insulation Resistance:t No less than 1000M ohm(500VDC)

Max Current:t 120%t

Max Coil Voltage (V):t 200%

Electrical Life (ops):t 1u00d7104t

Mechanical Life(ops):t 1u00d7106tt

Max Switching Voltage:t 250VAC

Max Action Frequency:t 1200 ops/ht

Short-rush Current:t 30multiple/10mst

Operating Time:t Close - No more than 20ms

Open - No more than 20ms

Dielectric Strength:t Coil-ContacttNo less than 4000Vt

Coil-Coil No less than 1500Vt

Pluse Time(s): t 0.05~0.5s

Enclosure Type:t Epoxy Sealed

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Application / Models

1,Smart meters;

2,Concentrated meter reading system;

3,Street lamp control system;

4,Compound switch;

5,Automatic control device/assembly
Other Information
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Yixing Zhongrui Electronic Technical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrated with the research, development, production and sales of micro precision current transformers, magnetic latching relays and manganin shunts.

As a professional manufacturer, our company has stipulated strict Incoming Inspection, Production Procedures and Product Inspection. With advanced production and testing equipment, perfect quality management system, well-trained staff and excellent management team, we ensure that our products can constantly meet the changing market. Meanwhile, we are always leading the way in our field.

At present, our company produces more than a dozen series of products. Our annual output can be up to more than 6 million, among which the professional comprehensive strength of magnetic latching relay is on top in our country.

We insist that technology is the first. Adhering to a high quality, high efficiency, low consumption and low cost rout, we provide our customers with the best service. At the same time, we will continue adhering to the "honest and trustworthy, quality-oriented” as the business philosophy.

Our company cordially welcome your any enquire!

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