ZY-G08 12 colors automatic dripping machine

Minimum Order
wooden case
7 working days
Product Description
ZY-G08 automatic dripping machine making machine use PANASONIC motor,Super power for immediate use,the peculiar super

high speed 3500rmp/mins,high precision positioning system which can ensure product quality.

For increase of service life,our machine use the Japan NSK P4 bearing.large capacity storage.

2G speed MiniSD file memory, can store 65,536 files, each with 100,000 points.high-speed data transfer bus, including the rate of up to 230k bps and 480M bps RS485 bus industry's

USB2.0 bus.
Product Feature
ZY-G08 automatic dripping machine

1)can customise according to clients' specific requirements

2)various pvc,silicone pvc machines, products are available for reference

3)stationed abroad is to guarantee clients' intersts

4) technology ,raw material ,surpport machines are available in our company
Product Specification / Models
ZY-G08 automatic dripping machine Parameter:

Working Area:550MM*350MM


X.Y.Z Accuracy:0.10MM

Screw Lead:16MM

Input Voltage:



Working Stroke: 550MM*300MM*80MM

Maximum Speed:3500RMP/MIN

Machine Size: 950MM*900MM*1550MM

Working Stroke:550MM*300MM*80MM

Maximum Speed: 3500RMP/MIN

packing Weight: 280KG

Max.power: 1.6KW

air pressure: 0.4-0.6mpa

Motor: servo motor

Programm interface: Chinese-English

Suitable materials: PVC/silicone
Application / Models
ZY-G08 automatic dripping machine Can be applied to different soft PVC /silicone product making,such as: Photo frame/ key chain /

luggage tag /key covers / lighter covers/mouse mat/ hair clip/ brooch/ mugs/ refrogeratory magnets/

coasters/ bar mat/ table mat/bottle opener/ antislip mat/ door card/ USB flash disk cover/

card reader cover/ mobile phone straps / mobile phone holder/mobile cleaner/ mobilephone cover/

file clamp/ pen container etc.
Other Information
ZY-G08 automatic dripping machine Advantage and operation:

1.Labor saving, improve the production efficiency, one automatic dispensing machine

can replace 4-6 skilled workers, one worker can operates several sets machines,

greatly saving labors, some works can do as dozens of workload, cut down the production phase.

Solve the problems of labor shortage, more hard for practiced hand, hard manage, plant cover large,

high input cost.

2.Special software, easy operation, multi-needles multi-colors, dropping accuracy.

8-12 colors(can extensible to 20 needles), multi needles can dispensing at the same time.

3.High precision, fast and liquidity walk in arc,

three dimensional. Coordinated system control, the precision can be 0.01mm,

the products it produced is very stabilized, the products present of pass can over 99.9%,

can improve the working efficiency 200-800%.

4.High stability: adopts CNC engraving machine rack construction technology, the materials adopts

cast iron and granite, the rack will not be out of shape in5-8 years,

adopts origional imported screw rod, electrical equipment, moving stability and reliable,

low failure rate.

5.automatic dispensing machine operation guideline: to make the dispensing machine working in

high efficiency, must do as follows:

(1) worker: using our dispensing machine, is to liberation the workers out of the boring and repeat

dispensing training part.

(2) The workers main job is changed from dispensing and drying mold to control the machine

production. The workers just need careful, strong sense of responsibility, the workers can take up

their squires after training 2 or 3 days.

6.Dispensing machine can undertake repeating pinpoint dispensing work. When it is in regular

production, the dispensing needles do not connect with the molds, the distance to the molds is

adjustable as you need, the dispensing speed is adjustable, dispensing quantity adjustable,

do not need repair and clean the molds, at the same time replenish the bed materials,

the thickness is the same, do not need repair.

7.Must bring a clean filter materials, if the materials is not clean, it will make the needle blocking,

influence the speed. Just with suitable viscosity, string well distributed, clean and healthful

pvc materials, can make sure the dispensing machine continuation and efficiency production.

8.The molds need balance at four sides, the same thickness, clean and healthy. In a word,

how to use the dispensing machine is depend on the operators, only make the good operate

in each steps, the machine can express its largest advantage, so create highest profit.

Dongguan Zhenying Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in the beginning of 1990 and is located in China. We are specialized in the development and manufacturing of Automatic multicolor car mat machine,automatic material dripping machine,PVC label machine,silicone label machine. With more than 20 years of development, we have a senior and specialized group. Our company has set up a good reputation within the industry and become the earliest production base of PVC trade mark and silicon trade mark machinery domestically.

Our main products are Automatic multicolor PVC car mat machine.pvc label/logo/brand/shoes cover/cup mat/cup cover/gift/USB flash disk covercoasters etc. machine, silicone label machine, silicone phone case cover/wristband machine.garment embossing machine.etc

is Our Hong Kong Office.Dedicated to Charge Foreign Exchange Receipts and Disbursements .

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