ZY11803E Digital Program Control Exchange Principle Experiment Apparatus

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Features:It is tightly close to such teaching syllabus as Program Control Exchange Principle, and the experiment contents are comprehensive, which could fully meet teaching requirements of Program Control Exchange course on Communication major among colleges and universities. Realize digital time division exchange and enable speech signal and signaling signal to realize full digitalization in the whole exchange process with high talking quality and stable system operation. It is more close to modern program control exchange principle. Connect experiment apparatus and PC through standard serial port; achieve the purpose of managing users through PC software to program control exchange system's setting. PC software interface is humanization with rich function and stable operation, so that the experiment apparatus is mire close to a small scale program control exchange machine. Adopt speech record play chip of high quality. When exterior line call in the experiment apparatus, the recorded voice will prompt all users' numbers in the experiment apparatus, which makes the function of exterior line more humanization. Four users in the experiment apparatus can communicate with the telecommunication network, either call in or call out. Analog communication could be processed between two experiments through trunk wire. Adopt plexiglass baffle for protection
Product Specification / Models
(1) AC, DC Power Supply tInput: AC 220Vu00b110%tOutput: DC u00b112Vu00b15%, u00b15Vu00b15%, -48Vu00b110%(2) Signal Tone tDial tone: 450Hz continuous sine wave Busy tone: 0.7 second intermittent signal (0.35 second with signal, 0.35 second without signal) Ring back tone: 5 seconds intermittent signal (1 second with signal, 4 seconds without signal) Ringing tone: 25Hz continuous sine wave signal (3) Experiment Apparatus Host Specification: 34cmu00d726cmu00d79cm
Application / Models
Program Control Exchange Principle Experiment System and Control Unit Experiment User interface circuit introductionAutomatic exchange function experiment Signal tone circuit experiment CPU central centralized control processor experiment User Interface Circuit and 2/4 Wire Converter Experiment Seven functional experiments of user interface circuit 2/4 wire conversion experiment Program Control Exchange PCM Coding and Decoding Experiment (7) User interface circuit coding and decoding functional experiment Multi-type Signal Tone and Ring Current Signal Generator Experiment (8) Dial tone experiment (9) Busy tone experiment (10) Ring back tone experiment (11) Ringing signal (ring current) experiment Dual Tone Multi-frequency DTMF Reception Experiment (12) Dual tone multi-frequency signal generation experiment (13) Dual tone multi-frequency signal reception experiment Trunk Interface Communication Experiment (14) Trunk signal's jointing process experiment Time Division Multiplexing and Time Division Exchange Principle Experiment (15) Time division multiplexing principle experiment (16) Time division exchange principle experiment Space Division Exchange System Program Debugging Experiment (17) CPU working principle and various control process experiment (18) Time division exchange system control process experiment (19) Dial tone control debugging experiment (20) Busy tone control debugging experiment (21) Ring back control debugging experiment (22) Route control debugging experiment Experiment System and Telecommunication Network Communication Experiment (23) Exterior experiment Digital Program Control Exchange System Data Configuration (24) Program control exchange system overtime data configuration t(25) Program control exchange system take off detection polling time, receiving number polling time configurations t(26) User data configurations Number Analysis (27) Program control exchange system number analysis process experiment Digital Program Control Exchange System Charging (28) Telephone fee setting experiment Simulation Telephone and State Monitoring Simulation telephone experiment
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