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Blue Craft Paper

Suzhou Yingrui Electronics Co., Ltd.


So as to meet the new requirement of free-plumburm jointing of international copper foil coated panel and printing circuit board, our company introduces high quality blue Kraft paper to meet the demand of the customers. This product ushers in the German forerunner's deckle technique especially, and the high-quality cotton of adoption xinjiang makes raw material.

The temperature resistance is 300 degree centigrade, more higer than normal kraft paper for about 60~80 degree centigrade, no carbonization, no embrittlement, it can meet the demand of free-plumbum jointing.

Good hot pressing flexibility, good evenness and good effect of pressing soft board.

Steady heat transmission, uniformity and non undulation, heat transmission speed ratio is moderate.

Good air permeability, good flexibility and good durability, it can reuse for more than 9 times.

Be able to be stored for two years under airproof state at 20 degree centigrade~25 degree centigrade relative temperature and RH40%~60% relative humidity, be away from the flame source and water source, prevent direct sunshine.

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