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Building/Construction Hoist

$38800.0 /Set

Sichuan Keyu Complete Sets of Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.


The general building hoist manufactured by our company have the feathers as good quality, longlife, wide application range and convenient for maintenance. The gearing adopts imported bearing, enameled cable, and oil seal. The electric parts adopt products from world renowned manufacturers such as Schneider, Siemens, and LG. The racks and pinion adopts special material and heat-treatment technique, which prolong the life of these parts. The steel structure uses high-quality steel from famous domestic manufacturers. The surface of the structure can apply paint-spray, parkerizing baking finish or hot galvanizing processing based on users' requirements. The cage can be produced and decorated by steel knitted mesh, aluminium molded board, punched-plate or figured aluminium board.

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