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Digital Valve

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Martin (Shanghai) Water Technologies Co., Ltd.


Control valve

1)Timers that control the cycles, Simple to set and easy to service

2)Digital type, LCD Display

3)Excellent gliding characteristics -piston is coated with teflon provides excellent friction -reduces and gliding characteristics

4)Hydraulically balanced -piston-seal -spacer forms a hydraulic chamber that makes water pressure to disperse equally around the piston

5)Self cleaning -piston with teflon coating prevents stickiness, full stroke against the seals wipes the piston clean

6)Injector module containing brine valve, flow controls and injector are removable from valve's exterior

7)Regulates drain line flow, brine ling flow and brine draw

8)Meter supply the most efficient method of monitoring water usage and initiating timely

9)Accurately measure water flow at the service outlet

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