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PCB and PCBA Solutions

Export Markets:
North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Mid East
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8534001000Production Capacity

Albewell Electronics & Technology Co., Ltd.


Processing Capacity:

1. SMT Lead-free Process.
2. All products go through Auto Optical Inspection (AOI) for Quality Inspection.
3. Mount capacity up to 1, 200, 000PCS of chip resistors or capacitors daily.
4. DIP capacity up to 70, 000PCS of components daily.
5. Mountable minimum chip resistor or capacitor is 0201(Metric)
6. The best applicable IC pitch is 0.3 mm.
7. The smallest applicable ball diameter and pitch of BGA are 0.25mm and 0.4mm.
8. Maximum applicable PCB size is between 410mm x 360mm~50mm x30mm
9. Processes include: Dispense glue, print glue, solder paste print, both glue and solder Paste, single-side, double-side boards and Flexible Print Circuit (FPC) boards assembly.

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