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Water Treatment Unit (JHTCH-RO)

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Jihua Medical Apparatus and Instruments Co., Ltd.


The water purify unit is a necessary equipment for the hemodialysis therapy. It adopts the world-class inverse-infiltration membrane with an impurity reduction rate of up to 99.4%. And it is made of the softener, active carbon, inverse infiltration, water tank, accessories, etc. Even one front filter is equipped to facilitate automatic inverse washing and regeneration.

Multiple filteration core (deep filter core, rolling filter core, etc. )with best pollution prevention and filtration
The water purify unit combines the softener, active carbon, inverse infiltration, water tank and accessories into realize integration and standardization.
P1C automation, The water purify unit applies the stabilizing pump, fully automatic recoil softening device and regenerating device.
The water purify unit is accessible to the hemodialysis unit to facilitate sterilization.
The water purify unit adopts muti-level sterilization.
Multiple materials were supplied which is easy to clean and regeneration.
Our company acts as an agent of all kinds of import, homemade water purify, With the strong technical strength to establish the center of hemodialysis, we could efficiently supply the after service of water purify unit as Installation, machine testing and maintenance.

Process introduction:
The pre-treatment device of system is equipped with sand filter, carbon filter, softener. The sand filter is mainly used for removing granule impurity and big molecule organic compound, humic acid and other colloid. Carbon filter is mainly used for absorbing small molecule organic compound. Softener is mainly used for softening water by replacing Ca+ Ma+ from water. The original water reach quality standard of RO water after pre-treatment by three classed. The RO inverse-infiltration membrane adopts import-brands compound membrane with a salt reduction rate of up to 99.5% and up to 97-99% for the whole machine, which can reduce bacteria, virus thermal source impurity. The sterilization of U. V and 0.2 u precision filter assure water with non-bacterial. With Automatic PLC, the water purity is equipped with multilayer protraction device which is easy to operate safely.

Main Technical parameter:
Input water requirement
The original water is tap water which pressure≥ 0.20MPa,
Conductivity≤ 300mS/cm, and the water quality should accord with GB57492.
Water standard
pH: 5.5-7.5
Copper: ≤ 0.1mg/1
Cond. ≤ 10mS/cm
Chloride: ≤ 0.1mg/L
Cyanide≤ 0.001mg/L
Lead≤ 0.005mg/L
The best pressure of RO: 0.8-1.2MPa
The max. Pressure of RO: 1.4MPa
Water output(25º C): 150L/H, 250L/H, 500L/H, 1T/H, 2T/H

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